Enhypen 'Delusion: Dilemma': 800K copies sold within a week, band breaks own record

It's been only a week since its release and ‘Delusion: Dilemma’ from Enhypen has already sold 800K units

                            Enhypen 'Delusion: Dilemma': 800K copies sold within a week, band breaks own record
Enhypen has broken its own previous record with 'Dimension: Dilemma' selling out almost 1 million copies within a week of its release (@ENHYPEN, @sbsmtvtheshow, @M2MPD/Twitter)

HYBE’s rookies are on their way to one-up themselves with their newest release, ‘Dimension: Dilemma’ that released on October 12. Enhypen was already on its way to global domination with its almost million pre-release sales. Just a day before the release of the album, Enhypen recorded a 900K pre-order for their first-ever studio album. The boys who debuted in 2020 are already on their way to becoming one of the most sought-after fourth-gen groups. Now, the group has also broken their own record in terms of sales only in a week of their album.

The song, ‘Tamed: Dashed’ from Enhypen serves as the title track of the album which marks their attempt at moving on to a youthful journey. With three versions of their album, Enhypen attempts at telling three different stories. The music video shows three different auras that the boys embody. With their movie-like story in the pop-rock song, 'Tamed: Dashed' made its debut on Bugs chart at Number 24 as well as on Genie charts at Number 204 only one hour after the release of the song, proving Enhypen's popularity.


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Enhypen breaks its own record

For the first time since its debut, Enhypen recorded selling a total of 818,716 copies according to the Hanteo chart that was released on October 19. Enhypen first achieved the title of ‘half-million seller’ after they sold out 500K copies on the same day of its release making it their first-ever album to do so. Soon, Enhypen added another 300K copies to their sales records.

The sales is a new record compared to Enhypen's debut release ‘Border: Carnival’ which had recorded 380K copies in the first week of its release back in April 2020. Not only that, Enhypen is showing its global domination in terms of domestic charts records as the group also peaked at Number 2 on Bugs Weekly Chart being the only fourth-gen boy group to do so.

Meanwhile, Enhypen greeted fans at the SBS MTV’s ‘The Show’ on October 19, airing at 6 pm KST (5 am ET) to perform their lead single, ‘Tamed: Dashed’ taking their first music show win for the song. This win marks Enhypen's fourth overall win since their debut.


'Fourth-gen Kings, Enhypen'

Fans were glad to see the boys break records only a week after the release of their album. They started calling Enhypen 'Fourth-gen Kings'. One fan complimented the boys' daily achievements by saying, "Back-to-back achievements." One fan was shocked how Enhypen sold so many copies of 'Dimension: Dilemma' only minutes after the first sale announcement saying, "Huh i just blinked and the sales suddenly went up to 800k already???" Another fan pointed, "It was literally over 700k a while ago and now we have 800k salEs??!?! THAT WAS INSANE OMG ENHYPEN AIN'T CALLED FUTURE OF KPOP FOR NOTHING. NOW GO AND STREAM TAMED-DASHED!!"

One fan pointed out the group's record-breaking achievement saying, "Wait so does this mean that stray kids and enhypen are the only 4th gen groups to have an album surpass 800k sales on hanteo." Another fan said, "The jump from 600k to 700k to 800k albums sales today." One more fan said, "Hey, 800k first week sales kings."







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