Enhypen 'Dimension: Dilemma': K-pop band's complex dimension of 3 auras explained

With their new album, Enhypen embarks on a new journey to fulfill their dream of becoming the most popular K-pop group

                            Enhypen 'Dimension: Dilemma': K-pop band's complex dimension of 3 auras explained
Enhypen releases the music video for 'Tamed-Dashed', the title track of their youthful album 'Dimension: Dilemma' (HYBE/YouTube)

Only 11 months since their official debut from the survival show, I-Land, the fourth-gen K-pop group Enhypen is on its way to becoming the most successful rookie group to come from HYBE. Already pre-selling 930K copies of their first full-length album ‘Dimension: Dilemma’, Enhypen fans shocked Belift Lab, the label subsidiary to HYBE that manages the group by making the studio album out of stock in Japan as Engenes complained, asking for more copies for them to pre-order so they could make the group a million-seller officially before the release of the album.

On October 12, ahead of the release of their album, Enhypen held a showcase where they expressed their aspirations for their future activities in the K-pop industry. The members talked about how this album will be different from the last in their ‘Border’ series. They explained that their debut album series saw the members talk frankly about the complex emotions they felt before their debut.

Enhypen as their youthful selves in the music video for 'Tamed-Dashed' (HYBE Labels/YouTube)

Now that the members of Enhypen have been able to make a name for themselves in K-pop, the members talk about a change of mindset with their next album series. With the ‘Dimension’ series, the members say they want to enter a different world that is further complicated as this shows their growth as artists and humans, approached by emotions of love and taking them into a contradictory dimension where they are faced with dilemmas.


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The members of Enhypen dressed in ancient outfits to represent their past selves in the music video for 'Tamed-Dashed' (HYBE Labels/YouTube)

Enhypen challenges themselves

The boy band, just like all other groups under HYBE, is known for the deep themes and concepts they introduce to fans in all their albums. Alongside that concept, the group has now introduced the theme of love in their latest album ‘Dimension: Dilemma’. The album marks the beginning of Ehypen’s ‘Dimension’ series.

The first part of the series poses a dilemma in which the boys begin to feel confused about alien emotions. They appear confused about their identity after entering a hyper-dimensional and multi-dimensional world where multiple values ​​collide making it difficult for them to choose between options that are presented to them. The album relays a story where the members fall into a new world where their only choice is to move forward without stopping.

Members of Enhypen in college uniforms as what seems like their future selves in the music video for 'Tamed-Dashed' (Hybe Labels/YouTube)

The members want to continue in the industry with the same perspective as their approach towards the album. In their comeback showcase, the members expressed their desire as they said that they want fans of K-pop to look at Enhypen and wonder, “Who this group is? Why is their performance so good?” They said that they have been called the Hot Icon for the Fourth Generation. They want to change it to ‘The Most Popular K-pop Group’.


‘Tamed-Dashed’ presents Enhypen’s three unique auras

With the release of the music video for 'Tamed-Dashed', Enhypen's motives are becoming clearer and fans are now able to put two and two together to understand three different concepts the album is presented with. The music video starts with member Niki trying to reach a soccer ball. The music video sees three different auras that the boys embody.

Niki of Enhypen tries to reach the ball that represents the group's youthfulness in the music video for 'Tamed: Dashed' (HYBE Labels/YouTube)

One is their ancient self who is trying hard to become one with the youth that they lived for. Another is their future self that has settled into the life of a youthful person, living normally, being a student at a university, playing soccer. The third aura is their present self that struggles to enjoy their youth at the beach where they play soccer but are not able to keep a hold on the ball. The ball represents their youth and has a haunting presence in the music video.

Members of Enhypen look bewildered now that Niki was finally able to find the ball (HYBE/YouTube)

Fans are able to see as the video ends, Niki finally is able to find the ball and become one with their youth as they are soon to approach their future selves.

Watch the music video below.


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