Did Emily and Shekeb split? 'I Love A Mama's Boy' star Laila says 'it's over'

Laila was upset with Emily's reaction to receiving promise ring that she declared things between her son Shekeb and Emily were definitely over

                            Did Emily and Shekeb split? 'I Love A Mama's Boy' star Laila says 'it's over'
'I Love A Mama's Boy' stars Laila, Shekeb Sekander and Emily Chu (TLC)

Shekeb Sekander and Emily Chu's relationship has always been a subject of intense fascination for 'I Love A Mama's Boy' fans. Although it was pretty clear that Emily and Shekeb were madly in love with each other, unfortunately, Shekeb's mother Laila didn't approve of their relationship and went out of her way to express her displeasure with their relationship. From accusing Emily of trying to kill her to calling her a pig, Laila tried every trick in the book to get her son to split from his girlfriend, but none of her plans worked.

However, during the season 1 finale Emily and Laila got into a huge fight which ended with Emily walking out and calling it quits with Shekeb. But the couple soon got back together, and season 2 picked up from right where things were left off. Laila continues to hate and disapprove of Emily, while Shekeb continues to try to woo Emily and create truce between the two important ladies in his life. This time around he also wanted to make a grand gesture to Emily to show her that he was all-in on their relationship and loved her. So, he decided to propose to her. When Laila heard that Shekeb was planning on proposing to Emily, she immediately stepped in and convinced her son to put off the engagement for a little later and urged him to instead test her and their relationship by presenting her with a promise ring. Laila explained that if Emily was really in love with Shekeb then she would happily accept the promise ring, and this would also earn her some brownie points in Ms. Laila's book. Laila felt that Emily's response would give Shekeb a peek into her intentions and feelings towards their relationship. 


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Did Emily and Shekeb Split up?

So according to their plan, the mother-son duo planned a picnic in a park so that he could surprise Emily with the promise ring. Shekeb was pretty excited and nervous about the whole thing. It was finally the bi day and Shekeb presented the promise ring to Emily saying he wanted to be with her. Emily was pretty unimpressed with his proposal in a park with a promise ring. She explained in her green room interview that she was hoping to be whisked off to a private island and receive a beautiful engagement ring. Laila then snuck up on Emily and began throwing candies on Emily's head.

This left Emily so overwhelmed and upset that she began crying and seized the ring and threw it away. Laila was upset with Emily's reaction and declared that things between her son and Emily were definitely over. While Laila is done with their relationship, are Emily and Shekeb done too? Well, we will have to continue watching the show to get our answers as the couple haven't dropped any hints about the current status of their relationship. Both Emily and Shekeb continue to follow each other on social media, although they never like or comment on each others' posts. Although Shekeb did make a post shading Emily's stance on women and relationships. He wrote, "Somewhere out there, your future habibi, is out dancing on a yacht in a bikini drinking white claw and being funded by Uncle Bobby Joe popping Viagra 💊 so they can chase their “dreams” flaunting their wealth on the gram and labeling it *cryptoqueen* *independentwomen* *investinrealestate* 🤷🏻‍♂️ Stay vigilant! Should your girlfriend/spouse contribute financially in a relationship?"


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