'Maison': Dreamcatcher get 1st music show win 5 yrs after debut, fans say, 'Long over due'

'Maison': Dreamcatcher get 1st music show win 5 yrs after debut, fans say, 'Long over due'
Dreamcatcher get their first win on 'Show Champion' (@hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter)

April 20 is a date that will probably never be forgotten by Dreamcatcher fans. The K-pop girl group got their first music show win ever, over 5 years after their debut. The girl group recently came back with their second studio album ‘Apocalypse: Save Us’ and the lead single ‘Maison’. On April 20, ‘Maison’ won on MBC’s music show ‘Show Champion’ with 6545 points. 

It is further impressive as Dreamcatcher’s competition on 'Show Champion' was pretty strong. They were up against ‘monster rookies’ IVE, legendary boy group BIGBANG who came back after 5 years, SHINee’s leader ONEW and rising stars DKZ (Dongkiz). Both IVE and BIGBANG were on a winning streak on the previous days. However, Dreamcatcher had full scores in the criteria of ‘Global Voting’, ‘Social Media’, and ‘Broadcast’ and ended up winning. 


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Dreamcatcher gets 1st music show win

Fans and even non-fans were touched as Dreamcatcher got teary on stage while thanking fans for the music show win. The girl group comes only second for the longest time between debut and a win following ‘chart reversal queens’ Brave Girls who took 10 years. It is further emotional for five of the members who had actually debuted in 2014 as MINX before they rebranded as Dreamcatcher which means it took them 7 years to get their first career win. 

Music shows are an integral part of K-pop promotions as artists perform their newly released singles on TV and so gather the attention of the general public. But with tons of artists promoting at the same time, a win shines the spotlight on one artist each week. And while music show wins don’t really represent a group’s success, some K-pop agencies focus on them and go as far as to introduce certain privileges like phone privileges so that their artists have an incentive. This, in turn, leads to fans doing their best to help their favorite idols win.

‘We did it’

Fans trended #DREAMCATCHER1stWin as they celebrated. One fan tweeted, “Words an not express how proud i am rn of both deukae and insomnia this probably is the best thing that has happened in the kpop history, the most deserved win of all times.” Another posted, “And THATS why they never gave up.” One Insomnia shared, “20 APRIL 2022. DREAMCATCHER MADE THEIR 1ST WIN SINCE DEBUT WITH MAISON. WE DID IT!!!!!” Another commented, “WE JOIN THE CLUB.” One Insomnia added, “We love you sooo muchhh pls remember u guys are still the most ICONIC GROUP OUT THERE AND THERES NONE LIKE U GUYS WE LOVE YOU.”






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