DR Music calls Blackswan's Fatou and Leia row 'constructive dispute', fans confused

Some fans felt that Fatou was being targeted because she was Black while others sided with Leia

                            DR Music calls Blackswan's Fatou and Leia row 'constructive dispute', fans confused
Leia and Fatou were involved in a bullying row (@blackswan___official/Instagram)

Earlier, this week, Blackswan was in the news for an intergroup bullying controversy. Brazilian-Japanese member Leia’s fanbase claimed that they got texts from the idol’s family that said Fatou was bullying her. With Fatou being Senegalese and one of the very few Korean artists of African descendants in a colorist country, she was faced with much hate and racism. After her statement on November 14 that turned the tides with her calling Leia manipulative and narcissistic, the fandom was confused. With the group’s label, DR Music releasing a statement, things are still not clear.

Fans felt awkward as the group continued with their activities and appeared on K-Music Week just a couple of days after Fatou’s statement. Some fans felt that Fatou was being targeted because she was Black while others sided with Leia. Some netizens felt that this matter should have been handled privately while others decided to stay neutral till the label released an official statement. Well, on November 19, DR Music has finally spoken up.

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DR Music releases a statement about Blackswan

The statement addressed the claims that Leia’s fanbase had made and Fatou’s lengthy post. The label indirectly pointed out that some of the claims made by Leia’s fanbase were exaggerated, “The team’s internal issues were distorted as if they were true due to others and spread to fans.” DR Music said that since Blackswan had multinational members, there would be a disparity in culture and so a difference of opinion would exist. They added, “Respect and understanding are required more than other k-pop teams.” They neither completely agreed nor denied both parties’ statements and instead apologized for it.


DR Music simply said, “Various kinds of disagreements occur in the team. We call it constructive dispute.” They asked fans not to frame these arguments as bullying and that they had spoken to both Fatou and Leia. The two have said to have reconciled and will continue their group activities. They ended the statement by requesting fans and trolls not to use racist words and actions and to equally love all of the members of the group.

‘Hope things work out’

Fans had a lot to say in the matter. One tweeted, “This says everything but literally nothing at the same time.” But another fan was happy to move past the situation, “The statement is really good and I really hope things work out. When in a multicultural space all the people involved need to be open to the cultural differences, ways to see the world, and different ways to act. It's a challenge, but it can be the strongest asset of a team.” Some felt, “This is gonna blow up in their face I just know it.”

With DR Music not really clarifying what parts of the situation were distorted or true, fans are still taking sides. A Leia fan said, “Fatou out.” A fan who is on Fatou’s side said, “Disappointing.. so disappointing yall could have done better and fatou deserves better.”







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