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Kris Wu rape allegations: Former K-pop idol arrested in China amid Du Meizhu's claims

After rape allegations by his alleged ex Du Meizhu, Kris Wu has officially been arrested by the Chinese authorities
Kris Wu is arrested on suspicions of rape (@kriswu/Instagram)
Kris Wu is arrested on suspicions of rape (@kriswu/Instagram)

Trigger warning: Sexual assault

The Chinese authorities are finally taking action against Kris Wu aka Wu Yi-fan after the overwhelming evidence and witnesses. The former member of the K-pop group EXO and C-pop idol recently came under fire after an alleged ex accused him of several sexual assaults. Du Meizhu, a 19-year-old Chinese student, claimed she was Kris Wu’s ex-girlfriend and he was responsible for raping her and 30 other girls out of which some were underaged.

After weeks of investigation where the Chinese police even detained Kris Wu, they are arresting him on suspicion of rape. The reputable Chinese newspaper Global Times reported on August 16 that the news had come directly from Beijing’s Chaoyang District prosecutors’ statement. At first, the prosecutor’s office announced that the court had approved the warrant for arresting Kris Wu as a criminal suspect.


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Kris Wu arrested

The arrest follows after another victim from Los Angeles surfaced to corroborate Du Meizhu’s claims. Several rumors and speculations are arising from the whole situation. There were claims that Wu had taken his life when he was detained on July 31. Photos also circulated that he was in a prison uniform and his head had been shaved when he was detained which all turned out to be false. Since Kris Wu was already in custody as a detainee he has now been officially arrested and investigations are going to continue with him as a major suspect.

Another ambitious troll took their actions further as they tried to scam both Du Meizhu and Kris Wu’s mother to keep the initial sexual allegations under wraps. While he only got $27,000 out of Meizhu, it was Wu’s mother who unknowingly got him arrested when she went to the police to complain that she was being blackmailed by “Meizhu” who was actually the troll.

But the world has mostly cut off all ties with him. Several major brands like Porsche and Lancome had signed him as brand ambassadors terminated their contract. Even Weibo, one of the biggest Chinese social media platforms, deleted all of Wu’s accounts and those who supported him. And company staff who wanted to use his name for publicity were fired as seen with the Chinese autofirm NETA Auto.

It should be noted that out of the victims who came forward, several were underaged when they allegedly met Kris Wu. Even the LA victim claimed that she was under 18 when Wu sexually assaulted her. It has been deduced from the victims’ alleged chats with Wu that he prefered girls who were just old enough to give their college entrance exam. This means that according to Chinese law he will only get the death penalty if the victim is under 14 years. Otherwise, the standard sentence for rape is between 3 and 10 years.