Actor Kim Seon-ho to restart acting schedule with script reading of 'Sad Tropics'

Actor Kim Seon-ho to restart acting schedule with  script reading of 'Sad Tropics'
Kim Seon-ho's comeback will be with the script reading of the film 'Sad Tropics' (@seonho__kim/Twitter)

Now that the tension that surrounded a controversy after Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend alleged that the actor had broken up with her soon after she had an abortion on his insistence has died down following multiple revelations from Dispatch, Kim Seon-ho seems to be slowly returning back his normal activities. In fact, his label has actually confirmed his script-reading for 'Sad Tropics'. The actor who was last seen in the highly popular K-drama ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’ was painted in a bad light by his former girlfriend following some personal misunderstanding which she now claims have been cleared between the two.

Fans who were first shocked by the claims against the actor started to sympathize with her story that indicated that Kim Seon-ho had been gaslighting her but Dispatch revealed a series of chats between the couple that proved how Kim Seon-ho is a humble and caring person in real life just as his characters appear to be on screen.


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‘2 Days 1 Night’ gets a new poster

Kim Seon-ho's fans rose to support him but since the damage was quick, Seon-ho was dropped from multiple projects and advertising campaigns. Ad agencies took his face down from advertisements in malls as well as on social media platforms. Kim Seon-ho lost many of his active projects like the KBS2 variety show ‘2 Days 1 Night’. Seon-ho, who was a part of the main cast of the show, left it as soon as the scandal dropped. 

Korean entertainment fans know how scandals are not taken lightly in the industry and are sympathetic to how hugely his career was impacted due to apparent false accusations. The KBS variety show has now moved on. A new poster was released on November 18. It had all members of the current cast of ‘2 Days 1 Night’ sans Kim Seon-ho.


‘Sad Tropics’ script reading to start in December

Well, it seems like it is not a day full of sad news because Salt Entertainment (stylized as SALT) reported Kim Seon-ho is going to resume his entertainment activities with the script reading of the Korean film, ‘Sad Tropics’. During the period of his scandal, the production team of the film were one of the few people who stood with Seon-ho despite many others that backed out. 

Considering the current status of the controversy where Kim Seon-ho came out flourishing, the makers of  ‘Sad Tropics’ have announced that actress Go Ara is on board as the female lead in the film. It was also reported that the first script reading of the film will be held on December 3 this year. Salt Entertainment came out with a plain and concise statement that said, “It is right that Kim Seon-ho will attend the script reading for ‘Sad Tropics’ in December.”

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