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Is Kim Seon-ho innocent? Evidence unearthed in actor's favor after gaslighting claims

Reports suggest that the abortion was a mutual decision and Kim Seon-ho took care of the ex after the procedure despite having broken up
UPDATED OCT 26, 2021
Kim Seon-ho was accused of manipulating his ex into getting an abortion (@seonho__kim/Instagram)
Kim Seon-ho was accused of manipulating his ex into getting an abortion (@seonho__kim/Instagram)

K-drama fans were in a quandary when an anonymous poster claimed that her boyfriend ‘actor K’ had gaslit her, treated her badly and forced her to get an abortion. The post was uploaded right after the popular K-drama ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’ ended with the main lead Kim Seon-ho’s fame reaching new heights. Unfortunately, it was marred with the rumors that he might be ‘actor K’. It was later confirmed that he was indeed the man involved following several movie and brand deals dropping him immediately. But it seems that there is more to the story that points that Seon-ho might be innocent.

There was a lot of confusion, as his agency SALT Entertainment stated that they would look into it. False reports cropped up that their contract with Kim Seon-ho had actually expired. The ex-girlfriend also shared contradicting posts as she took back some of the words she had said in her original post. Seon-ho on the other hand simply apologized without confirming or denying the claims. Fans were confused as they couldn’t decide whether to support the K-drama actor or not. Well, the Korean news agency Dispatch took it upon themselves to look into the matter and seem to have released evidence that point to Seon-ho being a loving boyfriend.

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Kim Seon-ho was accused of forcing his ex to have an abortion

Dispatch investigated and released a lengthy report on October 26. The ex-girlfriend is an influencer and former weather reporter Choi Young-ah. Half a month after dating, she revealed to Kim Seon-ho that she is a divorcee which is looked down upon in a conservative country like South Korea. The actor’s messages to his friends state that he didn’t care because he liked her. Dispatch also found proof that they had gone on dates which contradicted Young-ah’s claims that they had to keep their relationship a secret.


Dispatch also found a message after the couple broke up on July 8. Young-ah sent a lengthy apology after Seon-ho caught her hanging out with a guy. He also revealed the reason why he broke up, “I said it’s okay if she even goes to the club and that I won’t be jealous if she goes somewhere with guys. I just told her to tell me honestly and text me when she gets home, but she broke this [promise again].” Seon-ho also called the pregnancy a “blessing” which Young-ah informed him after they broke up on July 24. A friend then explained that it was a mutual understanding and both Seon-ho and Young-ah had decided to have an abortion.

In her original post, Young-ah said that Seon-ho lied to her about introducing her to his parents and he was stingy with her having sent only $1.7k for the hospital bills. However, reports suggest that Young-ah stayed with Seon-ho’s parents and he even adopted a pet dog so she wouldn’t be lonely. Furthermore, her friend added that she was an indulgent spender but always got Seon-ho to pay like the time she bought a $6k designer bag with his money. He also found out that she was secretly filming him. Dispatch also claimed that half of their sources were Young-ah’s friends who sided with Seon-ho.


The couple officially parted ways in May 2021. Some of Seon-ho’s friends deduced that the couple broke up because of Young-ah’s actions and not because the actor suddenly got famous. His friend also claimed that after the original post that Young-ah posted, the actor said that he didn’t want to fight. He said that he once loved her and so instead of taking any action, he would simply apologize. To this Dispatch report, SALT Entertainment replied, “We have nothing to say, we apologize.”