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'K-POP: Lost in America': Monsta X Jooheon, GOT7 Jinyoung cast with Eunwoo in Hollywood movie?

The leaked schedule also shows former Wanna One members Park Ji-hoon and Ong Seong-wu as part of the cast along with Rebel Wilson and Charles Melton
Rumors suggest GOT7's Jinyoung and Monsta X's Jooheon are set to star in a Hollywood movie with Astro's Eunwoo (@netflixkr, @joohoneywalker, and @eunwo.o_c/Instagram)
Rumors suggest GOT7's Jinyoung and Monsta X's Jooheon are set to star in a Hollywood movie with Astro's Eunwoo (@netflixkr, @joohoneywalker, and @eunwo.o_c/Instagram)

'K-POP: Lost in America' first turned heads in August 2021 when the makers of ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Parasite’ revealed that they were making a movie on K-pop. Fans were further hyped up when they realized it wasn’t a documentary but a proper feature film with a storyline about a K-pop group. With the producers having rom-coms like ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ under their belt, it is no surprise that 'K-POP: Lost in America' is a comedy having cast the likes of Rebel Wilson and Charles Melton of ‘Riverdale’ fame. And we are also reportedly getting actual K-pop idols like Astro’s Eunwoo, Monsta X’s Jooheon, GOT7’s Jinyoung, and more.

On July 1, it was reported that Cha Eunwoo was reportedly cast as one of the leads. If this is indeed true, the actor will be making his Hollywood debut with 'K-POP: Lost in America'. Along with starring in hit K-dramas like ‘True Beauty’, Eunwoo is also a K-pop idol and part of the boy group Astro. The movie is about a K-pop group that gets lost in Texas without any money or phone 2 days before their debut in New York making fans excited to see Eunwoo. With Charles Melton being half Korean, he is speculated to play another member of the fictitious group. And we just might have the rest of our boy group characters as well.


'Eunwoo in Hollywood': Astro star cast in comedy movie 'K-POP: Lost in America'

'Interstellar' and 'Parasite' makers to helm K-pop movie 'Lost in America', fans 'can't wait'

Astro's Eunwoo, GOT7's Jinyoung, Monsta X's Jooheon, and former Wanna One members Park Ji-hoon and Ong Seong-wu will reportedly work together (@eunwo.o_c, @jinyoung_0922jy, @official_monsta_x, @0529.jihoon.ig, @osw_onge/Instagram)

Schedule reveals Eunwoo, Jooheon, Jinyoung, and Wanna One members' collab

On July 1, a user tweeted a photo of Monsta X’s alleged schedule for the remainder of 2022. Fans think it is real as it states Kihyun will be singing an OST which was later confirmed on July 4 as he will release an OST for a webtoon. Well, according to the schedule, Jooheon is set to film something in the US in the fourth quarter of 2022. The project will be directed by JK Yoon who is confirmed to direct 'K-POP: Lost in America', further confirming Jooheon and the mentioned idols’ participation in the Hollywood movie. The idols that are mentioned along with Jooheon are Astro’s Eunwoo, GOT7’s Jinyoung, former Wanna One members Park Ji-hoon, and Ong Seong-wu.

Jooheon is set to work with Cha Eunwoo, Jinyoung (GOT7), Park Ji-hoon, and Oh Seong-wu, according to the schedule (@mbb__sh__/Twitter)

According to an exclusive report by Deadline, 'K-POP: Lost in America' will start filming in the fall and is slated to release in 2023. StarNews claims that Astro’s Eunwoo was in LA for the casting and has cleared his schedule for the remainder of 2022 for it. For the rest of the cast, GOT7’s Jinyoung is already an established actor with his ongoing drama ‘Yumi’s Cells 2’ being the talk of the town since late 2021.

Park Ji-hoon is also an actor having played lead roles in several K-dramas like ‘Love Revolution’ and ‘Spring Is Green’. His former Wanna One band member Seong-wu started his acting career in 2019 and has been roped in to play the lead in ‘Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon’, the sequel to the hit 2017 drama ‘Bong Soon’. As for Monsta X’s Jooheon, this will be his first acting role and fans are curious if he will play a character similar to his funny and extroverted personality or a quiet and mysterious character. 

‘That’s my movie’

Fans are excited as well as confused with the reported lineup as they made tweets like, “I’m so anxious about this, but I will watch anything with Jinyoung and Jooheon.” Another added, “Ok what in the world is that kpop in texas movie and why are eunwoo jooheon jinyoung jihoon and seongwoo gonna be in it.” One joked, “Jooheon and jinyoung in the same group would be slayful. But at what cost.” Another wondered, “THE RUMORED LINEUP FOR THAT KPOP MOVIE?!?! 💀 jinyoung has a pretty good eye for projects tho so i'm really just riding on his casting to make me feel better about jooheon's potential acting debut through this movie.”





With GOT7 and Monsta X members known to be close, one fan was excited, “Also jinyoung jooheon besties together too?? this movie better be happening or else.” One fan added, “NO WAY JOOHEON IN THE SAME FILM WITH EUNWOO JIHOON AND JINYOUNG IM SO EXCITED.”

Another added, “If jooheon and jinyoung are in a movie together that’s MY movie. no one else’s. a movie for ME.” Wanna One fans hoped to see the mini reunion, “Jihoon and seongwu in a movie together??!?!??” One commented, “PARK JIHOON AND ONG SEONGWU??? DON'T PLAY WITH ME RIGHT NOW I'M STILL A BROKEN WANNABLE.” A fan joked, “Eunwoo jinyoung jihoon and seongwu in that kpop in texas movie.”







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