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Did Mamamoo break the 7-year curse? Group to release album for 8th debut anniversary

Mamamoo is now in their 8th year but member Wheein has joined another label -- The L1ve founded by VIXX's Ravi
UPDATED JUN 20, 2022
Mamamoo's last album was a compilation album (@RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitter)
Mamamoo's last album was a compilation album (@RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitter)

K-pop is a deep and dark hole that immediately sucks in any fan who enters it. Along with enjoying the music and supporting the idols, fans are also often reminded of the dark side of K-pop, from military hiatuses to the 7-year contract curse. With the third-generation years now becoming a distant memory, more and more of our favorite third-gen groups are facing the dilemma of the 7-year curse, from Mamamoo and Blackpink to TWICE and Astro.

The standard K-pop contract between companies and their groups stands for seven years. Due to the restrictions, many group members end up leaving or simply disbanding. Some stay together officially but go on hiatus, never actually releasing any music anymore. Few K-pop groups have been able to break the 7-year curse like BTS and Seventeen. But since it's impossible to have all original members renew their contracts and still stay active, fans are ready to make a few concessions if it means getting to see their favorites like Mamamoo, 2PM or GOT7.

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Mamamoo for their 7th-debut anniversary mini-album WAW (RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitter)

Mamamoo announces new album for 8th debut anniversary

Mamamoo, one of the leading girl groups of the third gen, debuted on June 18, 2014. Their seventh year was bittersweet as three of its members renewed their contract while Wheein parted ways and signed with The L1ve founded by VIXX’s Ravi. However, she has struck a partnership with Mamamoo’s label RBW that allows her to continue her group activities with them till the end of 2023. 

While fans do not know if this partnership will be extended after 2023, they wanted frequent comebacks and for the girls to make the most of the short time. However, their last release was pretty emotional as it was a ballad album thanking fans for being with them for seven years. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to be the end for the group as they are more than active as Mamamoo. Indeed, it seems that they have sort of beat the 7-year curse.

Along with the members expanding their solo careers, we have been getting ensemble concerts, a documentary, fanclub content, a Netflix variety show, and compilation albums. We also got the girls celebrating their eighth anniversary together hilariously in a sauna while also announcing their next comeback and a solo concert. On June 20, RBW shared that the girls will be coming back with an album to celebrate their anniversary in the second half of the year, followed by their concert.

‘Mamamoo is coming’

Fans are over the moon as they trended Mamamoo with tweets like, “MAMAMOO IS COMING.” Another joked, “I wonder if mamamoo wakes up today seeing all these articles and goes ‘WE HAVE A COMEBACK?’” One fan shared, “Mamamoo hanging out together and the world explodes.” Another was proud, “Mamamoo in their 8th year(now 9th) still being active asf both as a group and soloists is actually soo iconic, not a common thing for girl groups in kpop.”