EXO's D.O. 'Empathy': Release date and how to listen to multilingual solo debut album

D.O.'s debut solo album has English and Spanish tracks as well as collaboration with DAY6's Jae

                            EXO's D.O. 'Empathy': Release date and how to listen to multilingual solo debut album
EXO's D.O. to release solo debut album 'Empathy' (@weareone.exo/Instagram)

It has been an exciting year for EXO with two of the members, D.O. and Xiumin coming back from the military to participating in the latest comeback ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’. Not only that, the two are busy with acting projects from films to musicals. EXO-LS are being fed well because along with that we are also getting solo debuts. A few days ago, Xiumin revealed that he was working on his solo project while D.O. is set to release his solo debut album ‘Empathy’ on July 26.

Most of the members gradually have been having their solo debuts since 2019 and fans were wondering when D.O. and Xiumin would. They are the sixth and seventh members of the nine-member group to be debuting solo. In fact, the news of EXO D.O.’s solo debut was announced on a very special date. He had his enlistment on July 1, 2019, and his career was put on hold, and two years later, everything came to a full circle with his solo debut being announced on July 1, 2021. Here’s everything about the multilingual album.


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D.O. for 'Empathy' (@weareone.exo/Instagram)

Date and time

The album ‘Empathy’ as well as the music video for the title track, ‘Rose’ will be released on July 26 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET)

Where to watch and listen

The music video will be available on SM’s official YouTube channel. The album will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.


D.O. for 'Empathy' (@weareone.exo/Instagram)


1. ‘Rose’ - Title track
2. ‘I’m Gonna Love You’ ft. Wonstein
3. ‘My Love’
4. ‘It’s Love’
5. ‘Dad’
6. ‘I’m Fine’

Bonus tracks

7. ‘Rose (English version)
8. ‘Si Fueras Mia’ (Spanish version of ‘It’s Love’)

It was revealed that all of the Korean lyrics for ‘Rose’ has been written by D.O. It is a romantic folk-pop song with a lot of acoustic guitar melodies in the arrangement. He explained that the English version will have a different vibe almost like an OST for a high school romantic drama. Additionally, he has also written some of the lyrics for ‘I’m Fine’. As for ‘I’m Gonna Love You’, rapper and singer Wonstein wrote his own lyrics. 

For ‘It’s Love’, it has been revealed that it is an acoustic pop song with Latin vibes. While many wondered how the upbeat genre with brass instruments would fit in D.O.’s mellow album, it seems that he will be taking a different route than the usual Latin-pop songs. The song will be accompanied by D.O.’s soft and calm vocals just how love at first seems dull before you realize how much you miss it and try to find it again. He has also included a Spanish version since it will be more true to the genre.

DAY6’s Jae has also participated in the making of one of the tracks. The rumors first started when he was tagged by the producer who posted D.O.’s first mood sampler on his Instagram. Jae had also posted rose related photos that many believe were spoilers for the album. And with the release of the highlight medley, it was confirmed as he has been credited as one of the composers of the track ‘My Love’.


Along with the concept photos, D.O. also released three mood samplers and a highlight medley that give a glimpse of the emotions and the thought process behind the album. While all four videos have different storylines, they all adhere to the same concept, that of a rustic and retro summer vibe. He makes use of minimalist aesthetics and props like flowers and play of light and shadow.





A teaser for the ‘Rose’ music video was dropped in which D.O. playfully sings to the song as he cycles through a scenic neighborhood. At the last minute, we see some 2D animation that might hint at an upcoming plot twist.


Music video

Watch the music video below.


‘Love this’

Fans ended up trending D.O.’s real name ‘Doh Kyungsoo’ to hype up the debut. One fan tweeted, “This is about to be the ALBUM OF THE DECADE! His sense, his flare, his thoughtfulness all shine through looking at the tracklist. I'm already so proud of him.” One was worried whether D.O. would get proper promotions, “Don't tell SM won't give Kyungsoo a proper promotion too! Where's the vlive countdown? Hashflags? Activity schedule for his solo?!”

Another fan pointed out the connection between the solo album and EXO’s concept, “Did you know that Doh Kyungsoo’s superpower is also blended in in the teaser? Blossoming with the power of earth. It’s amazing how they incorporated his power into the concept. Gravity was also included in the last teaser.” — LOVE THIS.” One fan tweeted, “I love the simplicity of the shots. It's so calming and pleasing to the eyes. This is definitely kyungsoo's concept.” Another fan made a pun with his real name Doh Kyungsoo, “D.O. 디오 The 1st Mini Album #공감 • D2 — Kyungsoo’s World Dohmination in 2 DAYS.” One fan was excited about Jae and D.O.’s collab, “Kyungsoo & Jae the EXO and DAY6 crumbs I was waiting for!!!”