JYP keeps new girl group debut under wraps, fans wonder if they'll be hits like Twice and ITZY

JYP announced that on July 15 they will be opening pre-orders for an album by the new girl group that will be debuting in February 2022

                            JYP keeps new girl group debut under wraps, fans wonder if they'll be hits like Twice and ITZY
JYPn, Twice, Itzy (Twitter, Instagram)

JYP Entertainment is launching a new girl group. As one of the leading K-pop agencies in the industry, it is no doubt that they have some of the most iconic girl groups under their roster. From the former Wonder Girls and Miss A to the active Twice and Itzy, JYP has some of the finest girl groups. And with them announcing the debut of another girl group, the Internet can't stop wondering who these girls will be.

The company dropped a mysterious teaser at midnight on July 8 with much ceremony. The teaser had the words 'Blind Package' making netizens wonder what and who it was meant for. JYP further released another teaser on July 9, revealing that the suspenseful teaser is meant for a new girl group that will be debuting soon, much to the relief of puzzled fans.

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JYP's new girl group

It has been announced that the new girl group will debut sometime in February 2022. It will be JYP’s new girl group in three years. Itzy was the last girl group to debut back in 2019. The new group’s name has not yet been released but they have been dubbed JYPn for their social media accounts. The press releases claimed that the ’n’ in the name is set to stand for next, now, new.

They will also be handled by Division 4 which is led by the company’s first female executive director, Lee Ji-young. Division 4 had 19 staff members in 2020 and managed solo artists and the group DAY6. In May, JYP updated that DAY6 which was under Div 4 had been shifted to Studio J and revamped Div 4 which means that this new girl group is the only group managed by them. Artists trained by Div 4 have been members of Wonder Girls, 2AM and 2PM, Twice, DAY6, GOT7, Stray Kids, etc.

Pre-order dates

As for their debut album, 'Blind Package' is considered to be a limited edition. It will have their debut single along with the usual CD, photo book, photo card, poster, Polaroid and more. However, the album will only be available for pre-order and that too for 10 days from July 16 to July 25, 2021. It will be shipped the day the group debuts. While the public does not know who is in the group nor their potential, JYP is confident that the mystery surrounding them has created enough buzz for a successful sale.

Mixed reactions

There were some mixed reactions as people wondered who would buy the album without getting a sneak peek into the group. Others trusted the group on the basis that JYP has always debuted talented and successful groups. Many were afraid as to what this would entail for the existing girl groups like Twice and Itzy.

People wondered what the group would be like as one tweeted, “Anyways, here's to hoping the JYPNGG will be 'lucky number 7' members, just like how TWICE was originally supposed to be before the twist. JYP already has small (ITZY at 5) and big (TWICE and NiziU at 9) girl groups, so a medium group this time should suffice.” One tweeted, “If jyp really going to launch new girl group, im excited to look forward to them.” A Twice fan tweeted, “This new girl band will debut in 2022 thus is a big problem for Twice. Twice is currently one of the best groups but also oldest girl band of JYP. So debuting a new girl band means that Twice is nearing its end soon. Why end a successful group who can achieve even more things?”

An Itzy fan tweeted, “Wdym new jyp girl group promote itzy first.” Looking at JYP’s confidence, many wondered if it wasn’t their Japanese girl group NiziU, “JYPe would be releasing another girl group this year but what if it's not a new gg but instead NIZIU? Remember that NIZIU will be debuting soon in Korea so what if the next favorite gg is NIZIU all along.” One user tweeted, “Ik all of this is too early + they cannot manage their current groups correctly but let’s keep in mind these girls had their dreams of a debut too and jyp being sht isn’t their fault.. let’s congratulate them for their achievements in the future, itzy will be a bigger sis group.”