'Worst company ever': Cube Entertainment blasted for announcing CLC's disbandment

'Worst company ever': Cube Entertainment blasted for announcing CLC's disbandment
After five members quit the group, one by one, the group's label Cube Entertainment announced it is being disbanded (Cube Entertainment)

With five out of the seven existing members of the 2015 girl group CLC terminating their contracts with their label Cube Entertainment, fans were convinced that disbandment was all but certain. It seems their worst fears have come true, and they are blaming the label for the way the cookie crumbled. Elkie was the first official member to exit CLC back in February of 2021. Yujin became the first 'unofficial' departure from CLC, after she made her debut with Kep1er, the group formed by the variety show, ‘Girls Planet 999’. While she was a contestant on the sow, Choi Yujin even hinted that the girl group was done for good but chaos ensued when ex-member Sorn blatantly refuted the statement. It seemed like members still had faith in the group as well as the label.

Soon after Yujin, Thai-born member Sorn also departed from CLC and made her solo comeback with the label Wild Entertainment Group by releasing her second solo single ‘Sharp Objects’ after leaving Cube Entertainment. After Sorn, members Yeeun and Seungyeon departed from CLC in March 2022. The final death knell sounded on May 20 when Cube Entertainment announced that CLC would officially be disbanding in June 2022 and cap off its activities after the end of their seven-year contract.


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CLC officially disband, terminate fan cafe

The label announced that exactly seven years after their debut, CLC would be disbanding on June 6 with two remaining members Seunghee, and Eunbin ending their contracts just like the other five and departing from Cube Entertainment. The label also stated that the posts and memories from CLC on the group's official fan cafe, CLC U Cube, will stay up until June 5 and fans will be able to re-watch and cherish old messages and posts but will not be allowed to make any new posts following the announcement.

Not only that but the label announced that as soon as the clock hits 12 am KST on June 6, the fan cafe will be inaccessible to fans and will be deleted completely. CLC debuted in 2015 initially as a five-member group, including members Yeeun, Seunghee, Seungyeon, Yujin, and Sorn. In 2016, Eunbin joined the girl group after appearing on the first season of Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’, and Hong Kong-born Elkie joined the group making it a seven-member group.


‘Okay we can boycott Cube Entertainment’

Fans of the group are now upset because Cube is capping off CLC’s activities without even releasing a farewell album or a song. Fans now want to boycott the label for good. One fan said, “IF SM WORST THEN WHAT EVEN CUBE ?!!! CLC DISBAND !???” One more fan said, “Another 3rd Generation group who debuted in year 2015 disband. CLC (OT7) deserves better treatment. What a trashy company.” One fan said, “I expected that CLC will eventually disband after Yujin said that Cube dismissed them but why does it still hurt.” Another fan said, “Cube finally announced clc's disband. just realized once yujin's contracts with kep1er ends she wont have any group to go back to.”

One fan said, “This is how you officially disband CLC? Congrats on being the worst company ever. Even management students could have done better than you ever did. At least now they can reunite under a new name or do like 2NE1 did. Hope Yujin, Seunghee and Eunbin leave this company.” Another fan said, “CLC DISBAND ? Okay, we can boycott Cube Ent. now.” One more fan said, “CLC disband??? Aka the Blueprint of 3rd gen ?? The girl Crush Concept is dead !! Nobody can’t beat them.”








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