BTS V teases fans with his first solo mixtape ‘KTH1’, fans say: ‘The king is coming’

BTS V teases fans with his first solo mixtape ‘KTH1’, fans say: ‘The king is coming’
V of BTS said that his mixtape 'KTH1' will release in 2022 (@thv/Instagram)

While V (Kim Taehyung) of BTS, alongside other members of the group, is currently enjoying the raging success of their ‘PTD on Stage’ concert that took place in Seoul over the last week. The concert that was initially termed as a ‘financial loss’ for BTS  has, in fact, turned into a raging success.It was reported on March 17 that BTS had grossed a total of SKW 1 billion ($826K) for the three-day concert in Seoul. The concert may have ended but the BTS fever is still raging. The members are doing great as it was announced that BTS would be performing at the 2022 Grammy Awards for the third consecutive year in Las Vegas.

Not only that but BTS members are also gearing up to restart their four-day tour in the US with the ‘Permission to Dance on Stage - Las Vegas’ concert.

As the members currently rest to prepare for their April 2022 schedule, fans often find the member online interacting with fans virtually via their official fan cafe Weverse. One such incident that has officially broken the internet is an interaction between a fan and V of BTS. On March 17 when BTS’ second youngest member was online on Weverse, a fan asked the ‘Sweet Night’ singer if a mixtape was in the works and could be expected soon and his response has Twitter users in unrest.


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BTS V states ‘KTH1’ would release in 2022

BTS’ V as well as the group’s maknae Jungkook have both been teasing fans with the news of an upcoming mixtape over the past few years but something always would come in the way and both members never really got to release their mixtapes. BTS’ Rap Line J-Hope, RM (Namjoon), and Suga (Agust D) have all released their solo mixtapes over the years that fans have always loved a lot, now fans hope that BTS’ vocal line namely Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook also released their solo mixtapes.

With the interaction V had with a fan, the singer informed that a mixtape could release very soon that has officially sent fans into a frenzy as they start imploring the singer with personal requests like a full version of his viral snippet ‘Travel with Me’ that was dropped back in early 2022.

Fans call BTS V’s first mixtape ‘KTH1’ with the initials of his birth name Kim Taehyung and ever since the interaction went viral, ARMYs have been trending ‘KTH1 is coming’ on Twitter.


‘Christmas Tree’ bags 100 million points on Gaon

BTS’ latest OST that V sang for his actor-friend and Wooga Squad member - Choi Woo-sik’s K-drama ‘Our Beloved Summer’ has officially crossed 100 million points on the domestic Korean music platform Gaon after it gained a high number of streams on the platform. This marks V's first solo song to break such a huge record.

Given the immense success, BTS’ V has been experiencing for not only this but his other OST titled ‘Sweet Night’ that was released in 2020 for the K-drama ‘Itaewon Class’, starring his other actor-friend and Wooga Squad member Park Seo-joon, is all the more reason for fans to expect a new mixtape from the vocal genius that is V of BTS.



‘KTH1 is coming’

Fans are more than just excited after V confirmed that his new mixtape will be dropping soon. One fan said, “TAEHYUNG MIXTAPE IS COMING OMGG WOWW AND THIS YEARR WOOW CAN'T WAIT!!" One fan said, "KTH1 IS COMING. PROD V IS COMING."

Another fan said, "KTH1 IS COMING." One more fan said, "Kim taehyung said he will release his mixtape this year which means that KTH1 IS COMING this is real everyone the king is coming."

One fan said, "Bringing back this Taehyung's masterpiece Travel with me song. Can't wait upcoming mixtape!" Another fan said, "Someone please send this to Taehyung and have him include it in his mixtape. I need the full version of this song."

One more fan joked, "kth1 is coming” “travel with me” is not included." Another fan said, "Oh taehyung my love, take all ur time more u need to completely finish working on it. we’re here, patiently waiting as u’re always worth the wait, forever worth it. can’t wait your brand new masterpieces music n’ beautiful songs to hear and mixtape will bless our heart & soul."

















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