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BTS records HIGHEST grossing worldwide cinema release with 'PTD on Stage - Seoul' concert

BTS records 2,465,000 attendees for the 3-day 'Permission to Dance on Stage - Seoul' concert which grossed a total of 40.35 billion won ($32.6 million)
BTS records a total of 1.2 live viewers for the Day 2 of their 'PTD on Stage - Seoul' concert on March 12 (@bts_bighit/Twitter)
BTS records a total of 1.2 live viewers for the Day 2 of their 'PTD on Stage - Seoul' concert on March 12 (@bts_bighit/Twitter)

If there's one thing that is certain in K-pop it is that whatever BTS touches is never flopping. BTS’ oldest member Jin had revealed to fans that the ongoing pandemic had caused the label as well as the members of BTS to incur losses in order to hold an in-person concert in South Korea.

As BTS announced the ‘PTD on Stage in Seoul’ concert, they booked the Jamsil Olympic Stadium with an audience capacity of 75,000 seats.

Given Covid-19 regulations, the label had only put out 15,000 seats for sale, which resulted in a financial loss for the label as well as the members; but their dedication towards the fandom and their art led them to perform for Korean ARMYs (fans) who had been desperately waiting to see BTS in-person after more than two whole years.

BTS members met fans from South Korea for the first time since 2019 and experienced a new form of the concert where fans were prohibited from cheering as they had to stick to South Korean Covid-19 protocols and use clappers and lightsticks (ARMY Bomb) to support the boys on stage.


‘PTD on Stage: Seoul’: BTS Jin says concert is 'financial loss' but worth 'seeing ARMY'

BTS announces theatrical release of ‘PTD on Stage - Seoul’ concert, live viewing worldwide

BTS recorded a total of 2.6 million viewers for their three-day 'Permission to Dance on Stage - Seoul' concert (@bts_bighit/Twitter)

BTS concert becomes the highest-grossing event in history

The in-person concert may have been a loss but BTS compensated for that with the live-streaming online and how! Aside from the 45,000 offline attendees, the three-day Seoul concert amassed 2,420,000 online viewers making their total number of viewers to 2,465,000 people. On March 14, BTS’ label reported that aside from the 45,000 offline attendees, a total of 1.02 million fans viewed the first (March 10) and the third (March 13) days of the concert online.

Not only these but BTS had also announced a ‘Live Viewing’ of the concert where the show was released in theatres across the globe and it estimated a total of 1.4 million live viewings in theaters worldwide on March 12 alone.

The BTS ‘Permission to Dance on Stage - Seoul’ concert was opened for live-viewing in 3711 theatres in upto 75 countries of the world. This record has led BTS to become one of the highest-grossing artists in the world for a live event (events that screen content other than movies at movie theaters) that had a theatrical release.

HYBE Labels recorded one of the Highest Grossing global events with the theatrical release of BTS' 'PTD on Stage - Seoul' concert on March 12 (@bts_bighit/Twitter)

This new achievement has bagged BTS a new record and instead of going through a loss, the label has grossed 40.35 billion Korean Won ($32.6 million) all thanks to the ‘Live Viewing’ in theatres across the world. The concert was also the first live event from South Korea that was released in cinemas worldwide.