Who is Baby J? BTS responds to rumors, debuts ‘Permission to Dance’ on Jimmy Fallon show

With Jimmy Fallon always going all out and keeping things interesting whenever BTS appear on his show, expectations for the musical takeover were high

                            Who is Baby J? BTS responds to rumors, debuts ‘Permission to Dance’ on Jimmy Fallon show
BTS performs 'Permission to Dance' on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' (@ bts_bighit/Twitter)

With the release of their latest English single ‘Permission to Dance’, BTS has been taking the world by storm. Appearing at several events like the Louis Vuitton fashion show, the seven-member K-pop group has been booked and busy. They also happen to be gracing a two-day takeover event on the late-night talk show, ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’.

With Fallon always going all out and keeping things interesting whenever the boys appear on his show, expectations for the musical takeover were high. However, Day 1 was as fun and engaging as it can get. BTS had their TV debut of ‘Permission to Dance’ as they performed it for the first time on the talk show. They also sat down to have a chat with Fallon.


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BTS on Jimmy Fallon show

While the music video for ‘Permission to Dance’ had been retro with BTS dressed up in country outfits, dancing in the Wild West, the TV performance was polar opposite. They wore casual outfits that focused on their youthful appearance. The performance took place in an empty mall filled with purple balloons that symbolized their fans. Fans were also touched that the balloons were in different shades of purple just like the skin colors of BTS' various fans from all over the world.

Watch the performance below:


After the performance, the boys were interviewed by Fallon through a video call. The segment was full of behind stories and tidbits about the boys. There were several cute moments that fans couldn’t get over and ended up trending it on Twitter. While Jin and Jungkook had to do a pose in an A formation, the latter said that it was “easy peasy lemon squeezy” which everyone found endearing.


There was also a moment when Fallon showed a throwback photo of BTS during one of their concerts. While RM found it funny that he was wearing sunglasses in a dark hall, Jimin and V jokingly closed their eyes because they were embarrassed due to the outfits and hair. BTS also celebrated and cheered with Fallon on the fact that ‘Butter’ had stayed #1 on Billboard Hot 100 for 7 weeks in a row.


BTS responds to burning rumors

Additionally, Fallon came up with a segment where the group had to react to BTS rumors. Several of them also turned out to be true. Before their fandom was called ARMY, RM agreed that they were almost called BELL. Fallon also asked Jimin what were his choices for his stage name when he was about to debut. Jimin revealed that it was either 'Baby G' or 'Baby J'. But he found it weird that every time he would have to introduce himself he would have to say “Hi, I’m Baby J.” Fallon recommended that he could always go with 'Jimin Fallon' which Jimin loved.

The next rumor was about V auditioning for BTS. Apparently, V never was going to audition and he was just accompanying his friend. When Fallon asked what happened to the friend, V answered that “he failed.” V happily announced that only he made it and RM stated that looks like V stands for victory. During Jin’s turn, the idol ended up inviting Fallon over. The question was whether Jin was the best chef amongst the members. Jin replied that he felt everyone had similar skills but if Fallon was ever in South Korea, he would cook for him.

Fallon also addressed Suga’s love for Eminem and whether an Eminem CD was the first album that he ever bought. Turns out Suga was indeed a huge fan of the rapper. The BTS member replied that he really loved Eminem and since there were no Korean translations at that time, that was the only reason his parents didn’t mind it. Finally, J-Hope was asked if he truly considered himself to be the most fashionable member since they were tons of running jokes on the matter. Gleefully, j-hope replied that he absolutely was. RM also added that the most surprising thing they found out in their eight years together was that V sleeps with his eyes open.

Since there was a time limit, it looks like RM and Jungkook’s questions were cut. However, with the fans demands, Fallon might end up uploading it on their social media. Fans did find it funny that Fallon played it safe by not asking about serious rumors and questions and commended him for keeping it light and funny.

One fan tweeted, “It’s the way they put different shades of purple balloons all around the set, i’m so inlove.” One jokingly tweeted, “Imagine being bts and hearing i wanna talk about bts rumors.” Another fan tweeted about the performance, “THAT WAS EVERYTHING.”