Ed Sheeran shares video message for K-pop project group MSG Wannabe, asks for collab

As MSG Wannabe topped the charts, Ed Sheeran took notice of them and said he loved their songs and would like to write songs for them

                            Ed Sheeran shares video message for K-pop project group MSG Wannabe, asks for collab
Ed Sheeran had a message for MSG Wannabe on the South Korean reality show 'Hangout with Yoo' (@msgwannabe.official, @teddysphotos/Instagram)

'Hangout with Yoo' is a South Korean reality show that airs on the MBC channel. It has been going on since 2019 and is hosted by comedian Yoo Jae-suk. It is also responsible for the popular project groups SSAK3 and Refund Sisters which included legendary idols like Rain, Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung-hwa, Jessi and Hwasa along with Jae-suk himself. The show's latest project group happens to be MSG Wannabe that has also caught the attention of BTS and Ed Sheeran.

MSG Wannabe is a vocal group and takes its name from SG Wannabe. SG Wannabe is a K-pop vocal group that debuted in the early 2000s and last got together in 2018. In March 2021, they appeared on 'Hangout with Yoo' and performed together. With a favorable reception, the variety show decided to take inspiration and create their own vocal group, MSG Wannabe which ended up being noticed by Ed Sheeran.


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Ed Sheeran greets MSG Wannabe

MSG Wannabe has eight members with two sub-units. The M.O.M sub-unit consists of Jee Seok-jin, KCM, Wonstein and Parc Jae-jung. The JSDK sub-unit includes Kim Jung-min, Simon Dominic, Lee Dong-hwi and Lee Sang-yi. They released two single albums and debuted on 'Show! Music Core' in July. They, in fact, hit #1 on several Korean charts like MelOn, Genie and Bugs with ‘Foolish Love’ while ‘Only You’ followed close behind. 

During the group’s time on 'Music Core', ‘Hangout with Yoo’ aired some behind-the-scenes footage on July 10. Back when ‘Only You’ was released, a BTS member had recommended it. Jae-suk and MSG Wannabe also talked about their songs charting. On Gaon’s digital and streaming charts, ‘Foolish Love’ had been at #1 while ‘Only You’ was at #2 and #3 respectively. Along with that, they even got a surprising video message from Ed Sheeran.


The British singer-songwriter has been involved in K-pop for quite some time now and even co-wrote BTS’ recent single, ‘Permission to Dance’. He also happens to have heard MSG Wannabe’s songs and loved them so much to the extent that he wanted to cover them. In Sheeran’s video message, he greeted the show and MSG Wannabe. He gave a small reaction for ‘Foolish Love’ and said that it sounded like a classic. He said that he wanted to write songs for them and asked them to hit him up. He also sent them his latest song ‘Bad Habits’ and asked them what they thought about it.

One fan tweeted, “Ed sheeran said yoo yaho?? IMMA SCREAM.” Another tweeted, “MSG WORLD DOMINATIONNNNNN.” On the news that MSG Wannabe might be ending soon, a fan tweeted, “Ed sheeran doesnt want to let go msg wannabe pls hear us yaho nim.” Another tweeted about a future reunion thanks to Sheeran’s interest in the group, “If Ed Sheeran collaborates with them then #HangoutWithYoo will need to do an MSG Wannabe Season 2, right?”