BTS reveals RM has the best body in group, ARMY says 'close the gyms'

BTS gave an Autocomplete Interview and answered the internet’s most searched questions; fans make hilarious memes on Twitter

                            BTS reveals RM has the best body in group, ARMY says 'close the gyms'
BTS perform onstage during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 01, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for dcp)

On August 4, WIRED posted a video of K-Pop superstars BTS taking an Autocomplete Interview and answering the internet’s most searched questions about themselves. There were 6 categories of questions under which there was a set of sub-questions that were given to BTS members to answer. The members individually read out the questions and answered them while being their own chaotic selves.

What made the entire thing funny were the Twitter memes that came about from how BTS answered these questions. BTS read out questions like which member had the deepest voice -- ARMY would have definitely answered with V (Taehyung) -- but the members came to a consensus that RM (Namjoon) had the deepest voice after a live demonstration by him. Another question that garnered a lot of attention from ARMY was “Who is BTS’ friend?”


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BTS trying to find the member with the deepest voice (WIRED/YouTube)

BTS is very busy, you know?

The next set of questions had hilarious reactions from the members. BTS looked at the first most searched question under the ‘Can BTS’ topic, for example “Can BTS come to my birthday party?" In case baby ARMYs (a term used for new fans) were wondering, Jin quickly answered this question by saying, “No” and went on to add, “No, we are very busy.”


Questions like “Can BTS cook?” and “Can BTS eat spicy food?” led to the members yelling out names of famous spicy Kimchi dishes that they could eat as well as cook. On the question “Can BTS drive?”, fans were quick to point out how all other members but RM could drive. RM chimed in and said he could drive a bicycle making the other members laugh out loud.


In the “How BTS” section, one of the most searched questions was “How BTS members learned English?”; RM answered this by stating that members like Jungkook, J-Hope (Hobi) and Suga (Yoongi) were learning English but Jimin was not. Jimin quickly jumped in and yelled “Netflix”, which made ARMY ecstatic because it was so relatable. Many ARMYs have testified to learning Korean by watching K-dramas on Netflix.


RM is big body, ARMY says, ‘Close the gyms’

In the section ‘Does BTS’, one question that drove ARMYs nuts was the way Jungkook answered the question, “Does BTS dye their hair?” Jungkook answered the question by throwing his hands in J-Hope’s direction pointing to his hair that was in-fact blonde. Fans associated his way of answering this question with that of popular content creator Khaby, who went viral on the internet for stating the obvious.


BTS tried their hand at sarcasm when the question “Is BTS nice?'' appeared on the list. They first responded by answering assertively but quickly changed their minds and said they were actually ‘Bad Boys’.


When asked “Who is BTS leader?”, the members pointed at RM and started expressing their feelings for their beloved leader using many adjectives. They started using the Korean alternatives of the word bulky and muscular as Jungkook helped translate it to “Big Body.” That was all the more reason for fans to ask HYBE, BTS’ label, to close their gyms because RM’s fit body is becoming too hot for ARMYs to handle.




Next came the very obvious questions like who was the best dancer in BTS and who was the most handsome member of BTS. It is testified by ARMYs that J-Hope is their best dancer and Jin is ‘World Wide Handsome’




V (Taehyung) shared a detail about his current gaming obsession while answering the question “Does BTS play games”. He said that he is currently playing a video game called “It Takes Two”. Just because V mentioned the title of the game, ARMYs joked saying the sales of the game will start increasing.