Run BTS : Members travel back to Joseon era, ARMY finally get their K-Drama moments

Fans ecstatic as they were finally able to see K-Drama moments between RM and Jimin as well as Jungkook and V

                            Run BTS : Members travel back to Joseon era, ARMY finally get their K-Drama moments
BTS members go back in time for a new Run BTS episode (BTS Weverse)

BTS ARMY were able to finally watch a new episode of 'Run BTS' after the show's month-long hiatus. 'Run BTS' is a variety show where all the members of the K-pop group indulge in fun activities like playing interactive indoor and outdoor games or performing a cooking activity in the kitchen. In the last 'Run BTS' episode (Ep 144), BTS were seen competing with each other in a BTS Songs Quiz.

This time around the BTS members decided to give a call back to an older episodes of 'Run BTS'. In episodes 120 and 121, the members played a game where they had to find the culprit amongst themselves. Since they failed to find the culprit in episode 121, the members of BTS were transported back in time to the years between 1390 and 1890, also known as the Joseon era in Korean history.


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Members of BTS dressed in Hanboks for the newest Run BTS episode. (@BTS/Weverse)

What went down in Run BTS this week?

This episode was titled "Reply BTS Village". BTS Village has been a running series in 'Run BTS' history, where the members find one culprit who broke the ARMY Headstone during a blackout. This culprit is none other than one member from BTS that the staff chooses and appoints for a secret mission. The culprit's task is to hide among the members in plain sight and never be found. In the last episode, V (Taehyung) was the culprit and the members of BTS were unable to find him. 

In this take of Reply BTS Village, which was set in the Joseon era, fans were thrilled to see each member in the traditional Korean outfit - Hanbok. They arrived at the Joseon Dynasty with the ARMY stone that was split into two. One of the pieces was with them while another had fallen somewhere in the village. Their mission was to find it in order to return to 2021. If they failed to do so like they did in the previous installments of the series, they would be sent further back in time into another era.

The members acted as the royal army who had to look for the one who stole the stone - one amongst the seven BTS members. If this was not a whole lot of confusion, each member had also been given a personal mission that they had to complete while all this went down.

Members of BTS speculating the culprit in the new Run BTS episode. (@BTS/Weverse)

Fans say the episode felt like watching a K-Drama

ARMYs were quick to notice how four BTS members were engrossed in their roles, while the remaining three were found chilling and eating snacks. The episode saw RM (Namjoon) and Jimin manifest the enemies-to-lovers trope when RM handed Jimin flowers, helping Jimin complete his solo mission. V (Taehyung), the warrior, brought out his inner actor as a call back to his role of Han Sung from K-drama 'Hwarang', where he acted as a warrior while manning the fake beard he wore - very similar to his recent look while performing Suga’s solo track 'Daechwita'. V and Jungkook manifested another K-Drama moment where V the warrior protected Jungkook, the painter, while the royal army members hunted him down.




Run BTS games are episodes where there is betrayal to the max and members have to always be on the lookout for betrayal from one of their own. Fans have witnessed members betray each other for meagre household items like the price of a rice cooker or a lunch token. What ARMYs enjoy the most in situations like these is to be able to witness some members compete fiercely while other members just have fun. ARMYs tend not to worry about the betrayals as all of this is for their entertainment and enjoyment by bringing out meme-worthy moments on Twitter.

Here are some fan reactions that came about from the episode.










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