BTS members call Ed Sheeran and Halsey their best friends, ARMY jokes 'feeling betrayed'

One fan tweeted, ''Who is BTS's best friend?' Halsey, Ed Sheeran? How about the army's? Feeling betrayed with 50 million others'

                            BTS members call Ed Sheeran and Halsey their best friends, ARMY jokes 'feeling betrayed'
BTS in the 'WIRED Autocomplete Interview' (WIRED/YouTube)

With the release of the ‘Butter’ CD and their newest single ‘Permission to Dance’, BTS are busy promoting it in interviews while answering questions and playing games. That means more exciting content for ARMY. From iconic performances for BBC Radio to playing games on ‘Jimmy Fallon’, BTS has been busy. And quite recently they appeared on WIRED for the segment ‘BTS Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions’. While it was half hilarious half insightful, one of the answers had ARMY trending Halsey and Ed Sheeran on Twitter.

In the ‘WIRED Autocomplete Interview’, artists are given boards full of questions that are the most Googled and they have to respond to them. Some are sarcastic or funny while others genuinely answer each and every one. ARMY was excited when they heard the news that BTS would be doing this particular interview. From the preview in the very first second with J-hope dancing, we knew this interview was going to be chaotic but no one was ready.

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V says Ed Sheeran is BTS' best friend (WIRED/YouTube)

BTS answer the web’s most searched questions

The first few questions were tame as they were asked who is BTS or who has the deepest voice. But the boys kept up the energy as they answered enthusiastically. However, one of the questions was ‘Who is BTS’ best friend?’ While the other members thought about it, V replied Ed Sheeran in a heartbeat. And we can always count on J-hope to keep things interesting as he followed up by answering Halsey with a deadpan face.

J-hope adds Halsey as BTS' best friend (WIRED/YouTube)

The two global pop stars are long-time collaborators and have worked with BTS on iconic songs. Ed Sheeran has worked on ‘Make It Right’ and ‘Permission to Dance’ while Halsey has been featured in ‘Boy With Luv’. BTS even congratulated Halsey on the birth of her first child in July. The two singers also answer fondly whenever they’ve been asked about BTS and fans have been fed with a lot of wholesome interactions between the three acts.

One can never predict what part of an interview or moment can go viral. Well, during this interview, ARMY decided to trend BTS’ ‘best friend’ response as they believed that they were the group’s best friends. Done in good fun, fans went on to make several memes that started circulating on Twitter. Some were ready to share their best friend status with Sheeran and Halsey while others joked that they felt betrayed that BTS didn’t mention ARMY as their best friends. 

Artists are trained to keep interviews fun and engaging and so V and J-hope’s responses were taken lightly as ARMY knows what they mean to BTS. In fact, in their latest interviews with Weverse, BTS constantly gushed about how much they loved ARMY. But that doesn’t mean that fans can’t have a little fun with the group.

Watch the whole interview below.


One ARMY attached a crying reaction video and tweeted, “Army’s when BTS said there best friends are Ed sheeran and Halsey.” Another tweeted, “Me expecting tannies to go "ARMY" Like they usually do when the question who is BTS best friend was asked only to hear HALSEY AND ED SHEERAN.” One tweeted, “Who is BTS's best friend?" Halsey, Ed Sheeran? How about the army's? Feeling betrayed with 50 million others.” Another tweeted, “Change the lyric to "got halsey and ed sheeran right behind us when we say so" @BTS_twt do it go ahead i don’t mind.” One attached the ‘Welcome home cheater’ meme and tweeted, “Me to BTS after they said that Ed sheeran and Halsey are their best friends instead of Armys.”






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