BTS 'Butter': 'Rockstar' Bangtan floors Army, fans get major 'Another One Bites The Dust' by Queen vibes

'The leather jacket the swag the earring the vintage shades all screaming at us: Era of Rockstar Kim Taehyung!'

                            BTS 'Butter': 'Rockstar' Bangtan floors Army, fans get major 'Another One Bites The Dust' by Queen vibes
BTS on 'Butter' teaser (HYBE YouTube)

BTS is all ready to release their second English single 'Butter' on May 21 and the latest teaser for the single is enough to promise another record-breaking global hit. The 'Rockstar' era BTS has entered the conversation as the teaser opens with a monochrome frame with seven boys bopping to the tune of the song. Hobi looks ethereal as the center and the BTS Army can't have enough of Kim Taehyung chewing fake gum with dangly earring, raising the temperature of the video alone by a couple of degrees. A fan tweeted, "The leather jacket the swag the earring the vintage shades all screaming at us: Era of Rockstar Kim Taehyung!"


'Butter' will be released worldwide on May 21 at 1 PM KST/ 12 AM EST. The single will be the Grammy-nominated K-pop group's second English track after last year's mega-hit 'Dynamite'. BTS released their first English single 'Dynamite' on August 21, 2020, and took world music charts for a spin. From garnering the highest views for a YouTube music video in 24 hours crossing 100 Million to debuting at Billboard Hot 100 by acquiring a record number of 265,000 downloads in its first week, 'Dynamite' started big and maintained its position on charts for consecutive weeks. 'Dynamite' was the biggest pure sales track since Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do' (2017).


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BTS 'Butter' giving major 'Queen' vibes (HYBE)

'Rockstar BTS' era begins

BTS Army is of the opinion that the teaser majorly gives them "ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST" vibes as they refer to the Queen's song from 1980. A fan declared, "the bts BUTTER mv teaser gave me the "another one bites the dust" vibes..." Another ecstatic fan chimed in, "THE BEAT GAVE ME SERIOUS “ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST” BY QUEEN VIBES AND THEN JUNGKOOK ENTERS WITH THE “GET LET IT ROLL”. A Rock enthusiast fan tweeted, "from “shining through the city with a little funk & soul” to “get it let it roll!”" A fan gushed, 'Wait, y’all said you hear Get it, Let it, Roll? Nah. What I hear is the killer line that full on shines in what will be the official 2021 Song of The Year."





A Kim Taehyung enthusiast gushed, "KIM TAEHYUNG CHEWING HIS FAKE GUM WHILE MOVING LIKE THAT, HE'S INSANE!" Jungkook's open chest in the video has caused a meltdown among fans. A fan wrote, "FIRST THINGS FIRST WHY IS NAMJOON AND JUNGKOOK IN BARE OPEN CHEST?!?! WHO DECIDED TO DO THIS?!?!?! HOW ABOUT OUR WELFARE?!?!"

A fan tweeted, 'i worship one god, god jeon", to which another fan added, "i can see Jungkook's chest, his open buttons, his thighs, his hands, his mullet, HIM and what happens next i was dead!" A fan concluded, "Jungkook's stare. HIS SHIRT. IT'S AS LOW AS MY TIME. Hoseok's and Namjoon's tops. I CAN'T DO THIS!"









'Dynamite' solidified BTS' dominance as the biggest music group in the world. The track brought the South Korean K-pop group their first-ever Grammy nod in the Best Group-dup performance category. In March 2021, they performed 'Dynamite' from the roof of an iconic skyscraper in Seoul for the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, becoming the first Korean pop act to perform their own song at the Grammys. Watch the teaser of 'Butter' here:


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