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BTS Jin enters Billboard chart with 'Super Tuna', fans say 'it's out of our hands now'

'Super Tuna' was released as a gift to ARMYs for their love for BTS’ Jin on his 30th birthday and has now entered Billboard’s Hot Trending songs chart
BTS Jin's song about tuna fish enters Billboard's Hot Trending Songs chart alongside his hit OST single, 'Yours' from the K-drama, 'Jirisan' (@BANGTANTV/YouTube)
BTS Jin's song about tuna fish enters Billboard's Hot Trending Songs chart alongside his hit OST single, 'Yours' from the K-drama, 'Jirisan' (@BANGTANTV/YouTube)

BTS’ Jin turned 30 on December 4 and to celebrate the special day, Jin released his single, ‘Super Tuna’ as a gift to his fans. 'Super Tuna' talks about Jin's love for fishing and Tuna fish. But little did he know that ARMYs would blow the song up so much that the fun single would enter a Billboard chart. Jin first teased the song to fans on his birthday VLive and fans could not wait for the song to drop.

The song 'Super Tuna' from BTS Jin dropped on December 5 and in no time, the single was already trending on Twitter as fans and non-fans alike joined the #SuperTunaChallenge calling it the easiest dance challenge to come from BTS. Besides talking about Jin’s love for fishing, the song represents his “big catch” that fans witnessed from one of the BTS’ ‘In the Soop with BTS’ episodes.


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ARMYs have taken Jin's fun song about Tuna Fish to Billboard's charts (BTS/

Jin's single, 'Super Tuna'

Soon after the release of ‘Super Tuna’ ARMYs did what they always do and got the song viral. They spoke about Jin's song on Twitter and started doing the dance challenge for the song. Jin who found out about how ARMYs were blowing up their viral hit asked fans not to do the ‘Super Tuna Challenge’ and enjoy the unofficial song just for fun. ARMYs then started trending ‘Sorry Jin’ on Twitter as they informed the oldest member of BTS how it was too late now and the damage had already been done.

Now, days after the song has already become a success, 'Super Tuna' has now appeared on Billboard’s newest songs chart - Billboard Hot Trending Songs as of December 9 entering the chart at Number 18 as the song was one of the 20 most talked-about songs over the last seven days.  That is not the only song released from Jin as a solo artist on the chart.


Jin’s single ‘Yours’ which was released as part of the OST for the K-drama, ‘Jirisan’ appeared on Billboard Hot Trending Songs at Number 16. With the songs ‘Super Tuna’ going viral on Twitter as well as entering a Billboard chart and trending on YouTube as well, the chances of seeing Jin perform the song live on stage have become really high and all fans can say now is that they are sorry. 

Watch the music video for 'Super Tuna' here


'It's not in our hands now Jin'

Fans have started apologizing to Jin for giving them such a bop and expecting it to not go viral. One fan said, "Sorry jin baby,,we didnt mean to." Another fan said, "Sorry Jin ,, it's out of our hands now." One fan joked, "Oh Jin, I’m sorry but you brought this on yourself." One fan asked, "Is Sorry Jin trending because Super Tuna is still a viral hit and everyone loves it and we know Seokjin is gonna be super cute and embarrassed about it while his face gets red?"

One fan said, "I’m sorry jin but you don’t understand the insane banger you just gave us." Another fan said, "Sorry Jin I cannot make this not bopp." Another fan said, "Sorry Jin even the tunas in the ocean are in super tuna mode." One fan said, "WERE SORRY JIN BUT ITS TOO LATE."











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