BTS’ Jimin surprises ARMY with VLive chat during filming break, fans say 'he makes our day'

Jimin goes live on VLive to talk to fans addressing Tony Montana, ARMY Zoom call and more

                            BTS’ Jimin surprises ARMY with VLive chat during filming break, fans say 'he makes our day'
BTS’ Jimin for the concept photo of their single, Butter. (@bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)

BTS is really making their fans feel extremely special this time around and we are here for it. Last month it was announced on Weverse that a total of 200 ARMYs from the entire fanbase could be a part of BTS' first virtual fan meet. Here all seven members would together talk to fans over a Zoom meeting in four sessions of 30 minutes each. Each session was said to have 50 fans interact with the boys.

The call was an exclusive members only event, which was open to fans with an ARMY membership, one that does not expire before August 9 and was based on probability. This meant that even if you paid for a membership, there was no guarantee for your chance to meet the boys. This membership is rather expensive, pricing at 25,000 KRW ($22), with many student ARMYs were left out of the event.


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BTS has always been considerate about fans not being able to purchase content online. They understand that not every fan is economically stable to support themselves in order to enjoy paid content, which is why time and time again, the members go to VLive or YouTube to meet fans in a live meeting and to interact with them. Jimin also addressed the illegal streaming of paid concerts when he said he understands where fans are coming from and reassured fans saying, "Everything is fine. Don't hate yourself instead. Whatever the reason, we'll love you."

After the Zoom meeting yesterday, Jin went to VLive for a live session with fans after 10:30 pm KST (9:30 AM ET). Jimin on the other hand went live this afternoon at 3 pm KST (2 am ET) on VLive talking to fans and responding to their comments. Within no time, fans started live-tweeting about this and ended up trending "VLive" and "Park Jimin" on Twitter. Trust ARMY to break the internet with anything and everything BTS does as they rightfully should.

Jimin for BTS 2021 Muster : The Sowoozoo (@bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)

Park Jimin trends on VLive

Jimin talked about what he has been doing. He said he had initially planned to go live in the evening at 6 pm KST but thought he might get busy and decided to surprise fans. He said he only had some time before he had to go ready to film with the rest of BTS which is why he would keep the live short. 

He addressed the fact that he knows many student ARMYs are busy preparing for the CSAT (Korea's college entrance test) and apologises for coming on live at an odd hour as some fans commented that they were in class. One fan said that they were putting their baby to sleep to which Jimin funnily replied saying he will lower his voice down.


The Tony Montana saga and Jimin

When a fan asked about what hobbies he was engaging in at the moment he said he is just trying to do what he can and focus on work other than focusing on something productive. He also said the first thing he would want to do as soon as the pandemic ends is to meet fans. 

He mentioned another topic that has been trending on Twitter since ARMY’s Zoom call with BTS. He talked about Tony Montana. Tony Montana is a character from ‘Scarface’ that embodies the rise from the bottom to the top and a bad guy that is proud of doing what he does. Jimin was featured in a song titled, ‘Tony Montana’ with Suga in his solo venture. Jimin laughed about the way Taehyung (V) found the comment where fans mentioned Tony Montana and the fact that fans still remember that despite it being such an old song. 

Jimin captured for Butter concept photos (@bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)

Why does Jimin not work out much?

Alongside other things he talked about why he does not work out much because he starts gaining weight when he does which he finds amusing. He says that he enjoys working out for schedules instead. He also reminded fans that they will get to see a 'Run BTS' episode later in the day. He said that he did not want to divert fans' attention when they were watching the new episode which is another reason why he came live then. 

Fans were also touched to see him post a screenshot from a 2020 fan song called ‘Sarang’ that a fan posted to celebrate Jimin's birthday last year. He apologised for noticing it so late but he thanked the fan for it. 

Detailed translation of the entire live can be found here -


Jimin's fans were excited after his surprise VLive chat. One user said, "Park jimin is the prettiest ever" while another said, "He makes our day". "Park Jimin what the????? Stop teasing usssss omg," posted a fan while another tweeted, "Go marry a man who keep his promise like park jimin."





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