Blackpink notification glitch on Weverse baffles other K-pop fans: 'We didn't sign up for this'

Blackpink joins Weverse, temporary glitches led to non-fans getting notifications about the girls on the app and all hell broke loose!

                            Blackpink notification glitch on Weverse baffles other K-pop fans: 'We didn't sign up for this'
Blackpink joining Weverse creates a huge stir(@blackpinkofficial/Instagram)

Blackpink has officially joined Weverse. Blinks were excited as it was announced that the K-pop online platform that connects fans and artists was introducing the girl group to their community. Over 20 K-pop groups and soloists have joined the app and use it daily to update their fans and interact with them. Some of them include BTS, Seventeen, iKON and Treasure.

With the upcoming project for Blackpink's 5th anniversary that even includes a documentary movie, YG Entertainment is pulling out all the stops for the girls. And to celebrate the project, the girl group joined Weverse on August 2. Jennie was the first member to use the app by saying hello to Blinks and adding four selfies. While Blinks have much cause to be happy, fandoms of other groups are the ones talking about Blackpink.

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Blackpink (@blackpinkofficial/Instagram)

Blackpink joins Weverse

Usually, on the app, a user will get notifications from an artist only when they join a particular group’s Weverse. However, when Blackpink opened their Weverse platform and Jennie uploaded, other fandoms on Weverse got notifications about it. It may be a technical glitch since Blinks did crash the app as they were excited to join Blackpink’s newest community. The girl group ended up getting 500k followers in the first hour of their joining.

While there is a way to mute notifications from other groups on Weverse, some users were surprised that they were getting notifications from Blackpink in the first place since they hadn’t joined their space. For others, it was a good opportunity as they decided to join it after being alerted that Blackpink was on Weverse. But this whole incident led to hilarious memes being created over the girls’ slogan ‘Blackpink in your area’.

‘Blackpink in your area’

Blinks were excited as they trended Jennie for being the first member to post on the app. One fan tweeted, “Blackpink is now on weverse and look at this cutieeeeee.” Another tweeted, “My girls crashed the app.” One wondered about which member would post next, “Waiting for other blackpink members to interact on weverse, any guess who could that be??” Another tweeted, “THEYRE SO PRETTY IM IN TEARS BLACKPINK ON WEVERSE !!!”






However, non-fans also had a lot to say about the girls joining Weverse. A Twitter user tweeted, “Why am I on BLACKPINK weverse. Like I don’t hate it or anything but like I didn’t even join their weverse.” Another tweeted, “Weverse is taking ‘blackpink in your area’ way too aggressively.” One tweeted, “Dont get me wrong I love me some “boombayah” and “blackpink in your area” but I didn’t sign up for this.” Another made a meme, “Guess when they said blackpink in your area they really meant it.”






Some users wondered why this was a big deal. One tweeted, “Blackpink invaded our safe space” “terrorizing the app” girl shut up you got three notifications from jennie she didnt do anything to yall.” Another tweeted, “Why are people so mad that weverse sent a blackpink notification get a life fr…” One tweeted, “Straight up weird if u hating on blackpink bc of a few notif in weverse like??? let them live u actin like it’s a scandal.”





One fan gave a step by step tutorial for those who did not want the notifications, “To kpop stans, just got to blackpink weverse > click the 3 dots on the upper right side > click blackpink weverse notif > click get or mute all notifs > then you will reach here then turn off the artist announcement and event notification.”