Jennifer Lopez sparks BTS collab rumor after sharing 'Permission to Dance' mashup

Jennifer Lopez posted a video on Twitter tagging BTS, fans confuse it to be a teaser

                            Jennifer Lopez sparks BTS collab rumor after sharing 'Permission to Dance' mashup
JLo sparks rumors about collab with BTS (@bts.bighitofficial, @jlo/Instagram)

BTS has become a global sensation and the one constant question they are asked during interviews all the time is about their future international collabs. Most of K-pop is self produced, with very limited collaborations, but BTS is one of the hottest K-pop acts at the moment, and many global artists are willling to collaborate with them on musical productions. 

Recently, we have seen many international artists interacting with the Bangtan Boys via social media, which in turn have triggered a buzz about possible collaborations. The most recent interaction was between BTS and Elton John, wherein the legendary singer and performer responded to BTS’ RM's rendition of their hit single ‘Permission to Dance’ and also participating in the Permission to Dance challenge from his official YouTube. BTS appreciated the response by retweeting it on their official Twitter account.


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JLo asking for permission to dance

On August 5, Jennifer Lopez tagged BTS on Twitter to a video of what seems to be a fan-made mashup of BTS’ ‘Permission to Dance’ and JLo’s ‘Cambia El Paso’. In the post, she tagged both of BTS’ official accounts. The video showed clips from JLo’s music video of ‘Cambia El Paso’ with a mashed up version of ‘Permission to Dance’ featuring beats and background vocals from ‘Cambia El Paso’.

The video received a lot of attention from ARMYs as well as JLovers, both positive and negative. Fans of both BTS and Jennifer rejoiced at the possibility of it being a hint to a project that is already in works while other fans loved the clip so much that they wondered if it were already an official teaser. BTS are yet to react to JLo’s tweet.


Unleash the memes, said ARMY

While a few fans were confused about the video, wondering if it were an official teaser. Another said that this collab would be legendary. One defended JLo from negative comments by saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say it. This is more exposure for permission to dance.” One Latinx fan said, “I'm already watching that remix, sisters I love them all with the law of attraction,” in Spanish. Another foresaw the successful collaboration and said, “OMG, I hope they are going to collaborate or something!! But  one thing I'm sure it's gonna be so good.”










Twitter is one platform where come what may, one would never not find a hilarious take on any and every situation. Humans seem to get the most out of any situation by making fun of it and that is exactly what happened with this tweet. While many fans were appreciative of the video some fans made hilarious memes. Let us look at a few.