BTS Festa 2021 Exam Answers: ARMY claims V and Suga cheated after Bangtan Boys' score reveal

BTS Festa 2021 Exam Answers: ARMY claims V and Suga cheated after Bangtan Boys' score reveal
BTS Festa 2021 is testing the knowledge of both BTS and ARMY (BTS Weverse)

BTS Festa 2021, the celebration of BTS' eight-year anniversary with ARMY took a serious turn when the fandom along with the Grammy-nominated music group was presented with a tricky exam sheet as a part of Festa activity. From Jin's shoulder-length to legit maths question, BTS Festa 2021 exam was anything but 'easy'. Read on to know all the scores and answers of the exam.

BTS kicked off the exam hour with an audio announcement asking ARMY not to cheat, yet after the results were out, ARMY claimed that some of the BTS members definitely took the help of one another to finish the test. Jimin called the test 'hopeless' while completely sympathizing with ARMY V said, "This was harder than I thought. I feel like Armys will cry. Sorry sorry!"


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BTS and ARMY giving Festa Exam 2021 together (BTS Weverse)

BTS Festa 2021 Exam Answers

Check out the answers to BTS Festa 2021 test below.


BTS Scores

After giving the exam with ARMY, BTS Hobi shared how 'harder' the questions were than they expected while scoring a flawless 82.5 per cent. Here's how much the members scored in the exam.

Namjoon (RM) - 75 / 100

Yoongi (Suga) - 57.5 / 100

Seokjin (Jin) - 65 / 100

Hoseok (J-hope) - 82.5 / 100

Jimin - 62.5 / 100

Kim Taehyung (V) - 57.5 / 100

Jungkook - 82.5 / 100

BTS Festa 2021 took a turn with BTS and ARMY writing a seemingly 'hopeless' test paper together (BTS Weverse)

What did BTS say about the exam? 

The Billboard Hot 100 topper stars visibly struggled with the questions and shared their thoughts on the test with ARMY. RM said, "I probably got the highest score!" Reassuring the fans, 'Bicycle' crooner added, "Your heart as a fan is still a perfect score 100!" Jungkook, one of the highest scorers in the exam said, "It was confusing but I enjoyed while remembering things." He told ARMY, "ARMYs...You know everything right..? you know us better than we know us,No one can catch up with ARMYs’ love.. if you get 100 Bang PD nim said he’ll buy you meat!"



Did Taegi (Taehyung and Yoongi) cheat?

Kim Taehyung and Suga, both scored 57.5 and ARMY was quick to conclude that they must have cheated. A fan said, "I wonder if there’s a video where the boys answered it because HOPEKOOK AND TAEGI PROBABLY WORKED TOGETHER!" Another fan declared, "Taegi getting the lowest scores, I know they cheated!" V and Suga would understand the ARMY struggles, says the fandom tweeting, "I may have failed the exam but at least I failed with Taegi!"




Kim Taehyung summarized his exam experience with ARMY saying, "me not being good at this won’t change your heart for me right? I’m not someone who’s good at this kind of things anyway!" To which an ARMY replied, "Nothing can change our immense love for you Kim Taehyung!" 



Meanwhile, BTS' summer single 'Butter', the official tune of the season which has been breaking world records since the day of its release has topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the second week. Following Butter's immense success, BTS will also release a comeback album on ARMY day, July 9, a report has said. 

Check out BTS 'Butter's 'Cooler' remix here.


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