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BTS drop 'Proof' first concept photo, fans say it gives ‘debut era war flashbacks’

BTS members channel their original concept of Bulletproof Boy Scouts with the first set of concept photos for 'Proof'
BTS channel their group name, 'Bangtan Sonyeondan' aka Bulletproof Boy Scouts with the first concept photo for their anthology album, 'Proof' (Big Hit Music)
BTS channel their group name, 'Bangtan Sonyeondan' aka Bulletproof Boy Scouts with the first concept photo for their anthology album, 'Proof' (Big Hit Music)

The wait is finally over and BTS’ 2022 comeback is soon picking up as they drop their first concept photo for ‘Proof’, their first-ever anthology album. The year is essentially crucial for the group as it marks the final year of the BTS enlistment decision where the National Defence ministry of South Korea will have to make a decision on whether to call BTS for a military enlistment or to exempt the group members from enlisting by acknowledging their contribution to South Korea.

With back-to-back events and activities in mind, until they await the decision, BTS members are working non-stop as they are on their way to visit the White House in the USA and discuss Anit-Asian Hate Crimes in America on May 31. With so many activities lined up, BTS is gearing up for their comeback with the ‘Proof’ that will be dropping on June 10 this year. The album is unique for the boys as it is a chronicle of their journey in the music industry and their slow rise to fame ever since.


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BTS drops a nostalgic concept photo for 'Proof'

BTS made its debut in 2013 with the group name Bangtan Sonyeondan (in Korean - 방탄소년단) which literally translates to Bulletproof Boy Scouts. The idea behind this group name was that BTS members are bulletproof scouts followed by their ever-dedicated fanbase - ARMY, which surprisingly is as big as an actual army. Over the years, BTS came to have changed their group’s English translation as they moved on to be called, ‘Beyond The Scene’ but their original name stuck with them and somehow became the foundation of the boy group.


On May 28, Big Hit Music dropped the first concept photo for ‘Proof’ which included seven solo cut photographs with one group photo featuring all seven members of BTS and is called, ‘Proof Version’. In the photos, BTS members are standing in front of a large bulletproof iron gate that has been pelted with bullets so much so that it now stands with several bullet marks. These marks left on the iron gate symbolize BTS’ journey over the last nine years and shows fans how the boys have worked hard for the success they are now enjoying.


Big Hit Music drops the first concept photo for BTS 'Proof'

BTS’ V (Kim Taehyung), Suga (Min Yoongi), Jin (Kim Seokjin), Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook), RM (Kim Namjooon), Jimin (Park Jimin), and J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) stood in front of the iron gate in the same order as their first official lineup which has fans nostalgic. Ahead of them are a large number of bullet casings which implies that BTS members were indeed bulletproof over the years as none of the bullets (which resemble challenges) injured them as they face what lies across them, head-on.


With this idea in mind, it is true that BTS members have been going on actively in the K-pop industry and now in the global space without being shaken by any challenge that came their way. The boys were dressed in black leather outfits and silver accessories in a concept that reinterpreted their debut hip-hop concept.

Just like their debut, BTS members were all seen in black hair and their haircuts are similar to their photoshoots from back in October, last year which means that the album was already prepared back in 2021.


BTS 'Proof' version concept photos

The ‘Proof Version’ of BTS’ concept photo also had solo cuts featuring BTS members individually as they stood against the bulletproof iron gate with deep and intense eyes much like that of their debut concept photos. BTS plans to release more concept photos with different versions for the album 'Proof’ in the days to come. BTS is making a comeback with the anthology album ‘Proof’ which in one way is proof of their success over the years and will release as a three-CD album, with 45 songs in total.


Five out of the total 45 songs are never heard before but the CD 3 of the album contains 14 unreleased songs, 11 out of which are demo versions of old BTS songs that are raw versions before final edits were made in order to be publicly released. The songs on CD 1 and CD 2 of BTS’ ‘Proof’ will be available on all streaming platforms but songs from CD 3 of ‘Proof’ will be available on CD only for fans to enjoy only by purchasing the album.


'How dare you make me tear up?'

Fans of BTS have the wildest reaction to 'Proof' concept photos as they compare these photos to that of BTS' debut. One fan said, "ARMYS AFTER BTS FIRST PROOF CONCEPT PHOTO." One more fan asked, "Omg why is this giving me debut era war flashbacks?" One fan theorized, "I just wanted to share that the proof concept photos reminded me of this bts love yourself lyric: “the wide growth ring in your life, that is also a part of you, that is also you." One fan said, "Ugh how dare you make me tear up an ocean. I'm getting flashbacks to when they debuted. I wasn't an ARMY then but I did follow them. Why you make me feel these feelings I haven't felt before. I FRICKIN LOVE YOU ALL FROM THE MOON AND BACK."