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Is JJK1 coming soon? BTS Jungkook leaves for USA as fans await his 'drummer' avatar

Fans are wishing BTS’ maknae Jungkook a safe flight for his solo USA trip as they wonder if he is working on the release of his solo mixtape JJK1
UPDATED MAY 28, 2022
Is Drummer Jungkook going to make a comeback? BTS’ maknae was spotted leaving South Korea to go to the USA all by himself with a drumstick bag in hand (Newsen Korea, Big Hit Music)
Is Drummer Jungkook going to make a comeback? BTS’ maknae was spotted leaving South Korea to go to the USA all by himself with a drumstick bag in hand (Newsen Korea, Big Hit Music)

The BTS maknae is all grown up and fans of the boy group are here for it. BTS has a plethora of activities lined up for the rest of the year as it seems like the boys will have to start enlisting in the military starting from December of 2022. With the idea of BTS members not being able to survive as a group with the absence of even one member as fans and members continue to re-iterate that ‘BTS is 7’, the boy group is most likely to enlist together. Considering this as one of their options, each BTS member is working extra hard to compensate for the time they will eventually lose when all of them are called to enlist.

Looks like in preparation for his solo gigs, BTS golden maknae, Jeon Jungkook has officially departed to the USA ahead of his bandmates. BTS has been invited to visit the White House in Washington, DC, and have a chat with President Joe Biden on May 31. The visit entails a discussion to understand and curb the problem of Anti-Asian Hate in America and as BTS members had been elected as ‘Presidential Envoys for Future Generations’, the boy group is the ideal choice for the event.


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Is Jungkook working on JJK1?

While the rest of BTS has not departed for the US yet, on May 28, the youngest BTS member, Jungkook was spotted at the Incheon International Airport departing for Los Angeles, America all by himself. This marks the second time Jungkook would be flying alone to the USA after the boy group’s appearance at the 2022b Grammys and the ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ Las Vegas concert following that. Back then, Jungkook had to travel all by himself because he tested positive for Covid-19 when the rest of BTS departed.

This time around the reason for Jungkook’s early departure, without the rest of BTS has not been revealed but fans are sure that Jungkook is on a solo schedule and will be working on a collaboration in the States. Jungkook was spotted with the American singer, Pink Sweat$ (Pink Sweats) in Seoul, South Korea a couple of days ago which has further added to fans’ suspicion about Jungkook releasing his solo mixtape - rumored to be called JJK1 (after his initials).


It also does seem like Jungkook will be working on honing his drumming skills as the singer was spotted leaving the airport with a drumstick bag that has fans wondering if drummer Jungkook would be making a comeback with BTS’ upcoming album, ‘Proof’ that releases on June 10 this year.


‘Drummer Jungkook? I swear JJK1 soon’

Fans started by wishing the singer a safe flight as they trended the phrase 'Have a Safe Flight Jungkook' on Twitter but eventually started guessing why the reason for his visit was. One fan said, “Will we get drummer Jungkook back again??? Definitly something JJK1 related.” One fan guessed, “Jungkook met Pink Sweat$ at the Seoul Jazz Festival yesterday!! I guess JJK1 will be an album full of collabs!??! In today's airport photos, he appears to be carrying a bag full of drum sticks!!! Aaagggghh.” One more fan said, “Omg Jungkook with Pink Sweats, so can we expect JJK1 soon.”

One fan joked, “Jungkook will be leaving a day prior to the members for washington either because he is about to make the entry through a parachute from the white house ceiling for butter performance or hold your breathe jjk1 or a collab might be coming.” Another fan added, “Biden x jungkook, jjk1 main track.” One fan said, “So many artists posting with jungkook randomly dropping hints, jjk1 is close i can smell it.” Another fan said, “Even drummer Jungkook is coming back I swear jjk1 soon.” One more fan said, “Jungkook is definitely recording jjk1 rn and he’s including collabs... it’s gonna be insane.”

One fan manifested, “Drummer jungkook coming soon. manifesting jjk1.” One more fan said, “This is so much to take in. jungkook leaving earlier than the members, jjk1, charlie and jungkook collab, mullet hair jungkook, drummer jungkook WTF.” Another fan said, “2022 is gonna be the year of JJK1 AND COLLABS OF OTHER ARTISTS WITH JUNGKOOK.”