Bryan Kohberger allowed to attend mass in prison but barred from interacting with other inmates who expected him to be 'skinny'

Bryan Kohberger allowed to attend mass in prison but barred from interacting with other inmates who expected him to be 'skinny'
Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger is not allowed to speak to other inmates (Ted S Warren - Pool/Getty Images)

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LATAH COUNTY, IDAHO: Bryan Kohberger, the suspected killer behind the murders of the four University of Idaho students Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, is allowed to sit with the other inmates but barred from interacting with them. Kohberger, who is being held in the Latah County Jail in Moscow as he awaits a preliminary hearing, was arrested on December 30, 2022, in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, after being accused of killing the students in their off-campus three-story rented home on November 13, 2022. 


An unnamed source, who has access to Kohberger while he is in prison, stated, as per Independent, even though the suspect is in solitary confinement, he is allowed to attend mass every Sunday. The source said that Kohberger is allowed to sit with others but cannot interact with them. NewsNation's Brian Entin said during an appearance on 'Banfield' on March 13, as per Newsweek, "I've not heard about him being especially religious in the past, but apparently he does have this mass that he attends. He has conversations there with the priest. What he's talking about, we don't know but we've confirmed that he is going to to mass."


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'He looked like a toothpick'

On Wednesday, March 15, Ashleigh Banfield reported comments from a source on his show 'Banfield' and told, "A source who has intimate knowledge of Bryan Kohberger in jail has told us that upon setting eyes on Kohberger for the first time in person, it was a whole other image. On television the description was that he looked like a toothpick, a skinny toothpick on TV. But the toothpick image on TV, according to this source, in person it looks like he is well over 200 lb and that he is quite imposing," reports Newsweek. 


'Kohberger is more arrogant than anything'

Banfield further added, "The other inmates, we are told, are very curious about Bryan Kohberger. They are also relieved, we are told, that he keeps his head down and hasn't made any trouble for anyone. One of the references is that [Kohberger] is very polite and here is a quote 'he does not seem like a psychopath.'" Commenting on it, ex-inmate Larry Levin, founder of Wall Street Prison Consultants, said, "Let's go to the fact that he doesn't appear to be a psychopath. I flew on con-air, they call it JPATS, [Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System], I was chained up next to a guy that was a serial killer, he killed like five people. [I was sat next to him] for like three or four hours and this guy seemed as normal as you or I do. You really can't tell." And added, "He was really intelligent, the things he said, he admitted to me, 'yeah, well I killed them and they deserved it.' But he seemed level-headed, Bryan Kohberger, is not stupid, maybe more arrogant than anything."

When is the preliminary hearing of Bryan Kohberger?

The preliminary hearing of Kohberger, who was extradited from Pennsylvania to Idaho on January 4, 2023, has been set for June 26, as previously reported. Investigators have yet to identify a motive in the mysterious case. However, Kohberger continues to deny any involvement in the murder but has not entered a plea yet.

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 Bryan Kohberger barred from interacting with other inmates who expected him to be 'skinny'