Calvin Klein billboards with Blackpink's Jennie 'caused too many accidents'

Calvin Klein billboards with Blackpink's Jennie 'caused too many accidents'
Blackpink's Jennie stuns fans as she appears on Calvin Klein's billboards in USA and becomes face of Chanel's new campaign (@CHANEL,@CalvinKlein/Twitter)

After the announcement that Blackpink members were leaving South Korea to go to Paris, France in order to represent their respective brands at the Paris Fashion Week on September 25, Jennie stans were saddened by the news that Jennie would not probably not join the other members because of scheduling conflicts with her other duties. This meant she would not be able to represent Chanel, one of the many brands she is the global ambassador for.

On September 27, the first day of Paris Fashion Week, as Blinks were gearing up to see Rose, Lisa, and Jisoo dressed in their respective brands to watch models walk the ramp, they were in for a pleasant surprise. Blackpink's Jennie, who is also the brand ambassador of Calvin Klein, appeared on high-traffic billboards in multiple countries. The brand posted a tweet announcing that fans could in fact see Jennie around the world.


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'Jennie in your Area'

The brand Calvin Klein tweeted through their official Twitter handle that Jennie of Blackpink had come to visit fans where they lived and they could all see her — not in person but on a Calvin Klein billboard near them. Calvin Klein posted various billboards on the streets of Houston in New York City and on La Cienega Boulevard, LA and put up multiple advertisements in Milan, Italy. Excited by this announcement, fans rushed to the streets of the lucky cities and took pictures of Jennie as she appeared on various billboards. They also hoped to see her make a personal appearance at the Paris Fashion Week. From what it seems, the chances of seeing Jennie at the event are slim as there is no confirmation about her current schedule from her agency.


Fans still helped trend Jennie using the hashtag, #CalvinKleinBillboard on Twitter so she does not feel left out among other members of Blackpink, starting with Rose, who will be seen at the Paris Fashion Week on September 28, 2021 at 9.30 pm KST (8.30 am ET)

Jennie becomes the face of Coco Neige

On September 24, Chanel posted a photoshoot with Jennie where she appears as the face of their new campaign called 'Coco Neige.' In a post signalling this announcement on their official Twitter account, Chanel said that "Singer and House ambassador Jennie of Blackpink becomes the face of the Chanels' 'Coco Neige 2021/22' collection campaign. While talking about the campaign, Jennie said, “Just hearing about being able to join the Coco Neige collection was like a dream!” The collection will be made available for purchase in a selection of boutiques starting October 19th 2021.


Fans excited about 'double feature'

Fans were excited even though they did not expect to see Jennie at the 2021 Paris Fashion Week, they were treated to her appearance on their very own streets in the form of Chanel and Calvin Klein ads "double feature". One fan said, "The best for the best... Jennie Kim and Chanel. They blend so well, perfectly. And nobody does it like Jennie. The multifaceted idol. Smiling face with 3 hearts. JENNIE CHANEL CAMPAIGN." One fan plainly stated, "No one is on her level."

Fans talked about her Calvin Klein feature saying, "@CalvinKlein really did great to Jennie.. more to come pls.. #JENNIE #CalvinKleinBillboard NY/LA." Another fan said, "A typical morning was made much more special especially while donning a few products from Calvin Klein." One fan said, "Thank you for loving Jennie!! we luv u!" One fan joked that locals were so awestruck by Jennie that Calvin Klein had to replace the billboard as it was causing many accidents saying, "They had to replace this one, it caused too many accidents."








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