Blackpink made UN Sustainable Development Goals advocates after BTS set to address UN

Blackpink made UN Sustainable Development Goals advocates after BTS set to address UN
The United Nations appoint Blackpink as the advocates of the Sustainable Development Goals representing South Korean (@UN/Twitter)

The success of the two young K-pop acts is unmatchable and now their global influence is becoming a testament to their struggle as young artists. With BTS coming from a small agency and making their name in the Korean industry as young boys with deep thoughts, they have evolved into a global monstrous act that is taking over the entire world after being representatives of the United Nations as ambassadors for the last three years. After their speech calling out racism, they have fans all over the world supporting their initiative.

The same can be said about the success of Blackpink the group, who despite coming from a big entertainment company like YG Entertainment had to make it to the top the hard way as they were always undermined due to their gender. The group’s success and global dominance is now a well-known fact as the four-member K-pop girl group is now elected as the advocate for the United Nations 'Sustainable Development Goals.’


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The SDG Movement 

The Sustainable Development Goals is a movement that discusses the implementation of sustainable development options to replace those that were heinous to the environment and making necessary changes to one's life that will help put an end to the climate crisis. Various national leaders and representatives have joined hands for this movement. With young popular stars like Blackpink joining in the initiative, it is a given that their fans are going to hop on the train and make a difference.

The movement in particular is a meeting to discuss the implementation of the SDG, a set of development goals that the United Nations Organisation has set and will hopefully be achieved by the year 2023.

Blackpink become the first Asian music act to be appointed as advocates for the UN SDG (@UN/Twitter)

The UN announced the election of various advocates for this movement on September 17, 2021, in engagement with COP26, The United Nations Climate Change Conference from Glasgow. They welcomed Blackpink to join the United Nations family and hope that this move encourages young people to take action on Climate Change in order to protect the planet. Blackpink was appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres on September 17.


Blackpink in the United Nations area

Blackpink has now become the first Asian music act to be appointed as United Nation’s advocates for its Sustainable Development Goals. About this big achievement, Blackpink showed their gratitude saying, “It is an honor to be part of the path toward a better world,” through their agency. In the past, other SDGs contained humankind's common tasks that covered a range of areas like ending poverty, ensuring good quality of education, reducing inequality as well as the ongoing response to climate change.


The UN has now put their faith in K-pop stars such as BTS and Blackpink to represent and promote their movements the SDG as due to their global domination, they have become the opinion leaders of the younger generation today. K-pop stars have become symbols of cultural diversity in the pop market dominated by British and American singers.

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