Lisa's fans want ‘more promotions' for Blackpink star's solo, claim YG 'betrayed' her

Lisa's fans want ‘more promotions' for Blackpink star's solo, claim YG 'betrayed' her
'Lalisa' hasn't received much promotions since its release (@BLACKPINK/Twitter)

Lisa’s agency YG Entertainment has come under fire more than once for not promoting Lisa’s solo debut well before her album’s release. And now fans are slamming them once again as the Blackpink star’s solo era might be coming to an end after a meagre 10 days of the release of ‘Lalisa’. Lisa was the third Blackpink member to go solo as she released her first single album ‘Lalisa' on September 10. 

Lisa broke records and made history before and after the release and continues to do so. And while Lilies (Lisa’s fandom) are happy for her, they’ve noticed that YG has only given the Thai-born idol bare minimum promotions. Many fans pointed out that the fanbases were the ones who organized and helped the album chart and break records as they have been working day and night to make the already hit debut even more successful. And they’re tired that they have to do the agency’s work.

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'Where is Lisa solo?' Blackpink fans slam YG Entertainment for not promoting K-pop singer


Lisa's promotional appearances are limited

Music shows are an integral part of K-pop promotions as it reaches the local viewers and allows the artists to perform their new releases. While Lisa did win a music show without appearing on any of them, fans did not get to see her perform. When she finally did, it was reported that the music show ‘Inkigayo’ might be her first and last music show promotional appearance. Frustrated Lilies have pointed out that while it’s been 10 days since the release, YG hasn’t given Lisa a proper schedule to promote the launch of her much-awaited solo career.

To date, she has had very few appearances for the ‘Lalisa’ era. She only performed on Jimmy Fallon’s show while she was interviewed on the Thai talk show ‘The Woody Show’ and for MelOn. She did have a comeback show and will be releasing the performance video for the b-side ‘Money’, but that has been it for now. She hasn't been on any mainstream Korean or international variety shows. The tipping point among fans was when during a fan sign, a Lily asked Lisa about her future activities, the K-pop idol confessed that she doesn’t know.



Lilies think that after this week there might be no newer content, appearances or interviews to promote ‘Lalisa’ and that Lisa’s solo debut era might already be coming to an end. And so, disheartened and angry fans have been asking for better management from YG since September 19 when the fan sign went viral on stan Twitter. And Lisa’s words have struck a chord, “Lisa said that "they are still talking about promotions and activities". shouldn't this pre-planned already when [YG] were planning for her debut?”


'Lisa doesn't deserve this'

Fans have been trending 'More Promotions For Lisa' hoping that YG will change their mind after getting pressurized. One fan asked, “How does the company arrange Lisa solo? Is there only one music show for an artist? Without any chance to show up, are you trying to waste Lisa's valuable SOLO?” They were also touched that despite the Inkigayo stage probably being her last, she went all out, “LALISA ON INKIGAYO. SHE WAS BORN TO PERFORM.” “The way Lisa always avert her gaze when fans ask her about her schedule and future promotions breaks my heart. It's clear how YG doesn't have a concrete plan for her, or maybe the plan is really not to promote her well in the first place? Lisa doesn't deserve this please,” said another Lily.

Some fans think that it might have something to do with her not being Korean, “I seriously don't understand these people. Lisa is a kpop idol who lives in SK. Just because she has Thai blood that doesn't mean she deserves less promotion or bad treatment than others? What's the matter with y'all?” One fan pointed out her latest out of the many achievements ‘Lalisa’ had racked, "LALISA"  becomes the fastest Kpop debut song ever to reach 30M streams on Spotify history " Yess girl With that empty space of promotion best girl did that.” One added, "It's just so sad how Lisa put her trust on them, and they betrayed her. I wish i could hug her rn. MORE PROMOTIONS FOR LISA."







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