BLACKPINK THE MOVIE: 'Jisoo cried' trends as fans get emotional hours before release in US

YG entertainment surprised Blinks by sharing BLACKPINK's 5th anniversary movie trailer and the movie is out soon

                            BLACKPINK THE MOVIE: 'Jisoo cried' trends as fans get emotional hours before release in US
Blackpink at one of their shows (@blackpinkofficial/Instagram)

After BLACKPINK's successful appearance on their Netflix documentary series ‘BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky', the girls are set to appear in a new documentary in a few hours. YG Entertainment surprised fans with 'BLACKPINK THE MOVIE', a film commemorating the fifth anniversary of the debut of the beloved girl group. BLACKPINK consists of four members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa. The film is directed by Su Yee Jung and Oh Yoon-Dong and written by Chung Justine and Lee Mizi.

The film is a documentary starring the four members of BLACKPINK. On June 24, the girls announced the screening of their new movie in select theaters. The release of the movie was officially announced by YG Entertainment on June 15 on Instagram.


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‘4 + 1 PROJECT’ and other 5th Anniversary celebrations

The announcement came along with a special project titled '4+1 PROJECT' to celebrate BLACKPINK's 5th year in the K-Pop industry. The first part of the special project will be 'BLACKPINK THE MOVIE' which will include the four members of the group sharing their journey as idols as well as their journey to achieve international fame in less than five years of their debut. It will also feature an unreleased interview of the group for Blinks.

The movie has already been released across 100+ regions in ScreenX and 4DX. The announcement has also mentioned additional screening dates, which may vary for different venues. The group marks its 5th Anniversary on August 8. The movie has been released, four days in advance to their anniversary and is garnering quite the attention from Blinks worldwide. Fans were thrilled to know that they will be able to experience the movie on a big screen near them. The film has five song performances from previous concerts.

As BLACKPINK is a 4 member group some fans speculate that this +1 signifies the addition of another member to the group while other fans argue that the +1 is indicative of the Blinks. It was not all roses and butterflies and some fans complained that they will never be able to share the experience.


BLACKPINK not in these areas

Due to the ongoing pandemic, 21 territories including India, Bahrain, Indonesia, Mongolia, Thailand, Philippines, Peru would not be able to see the movie on the big screen. Such Blinks took to Twitter to express their disappointment. The movie is being promoted with the hashtags #BLACKPINKINYOURCINEMA and #BLINKBADGE The Blink badge acts as a consolation for fans who will not be able to watch the movie on the big screen.

Fans can go to the BLACKPINK official website and enter their name, the name of the region of their choice and name of the country of their choice in order to get the BLINKBADGE. As the movie has already been released in some parts of the world, Twitter has warmly welcomed reactions from Blinks. Fans were excited and exclaimed, “Seeing blackpink movie tomorrow. I’m having goosebumps because I just watched the trailer again and I’m excited.” while another was sad that they would have to miss watching the movie saying, “The way i thought i'll be able to watch blackpink the movie here in my country but covid said no.” One fan said, “Dragging the bf out to watch the Blackpink movie tonight ayeeeee,” while another said, “Not me crying at the blackpink movie. It was so fun and I’m so proud of the girls!!”






Some fans speculated that the members of BLACKPINK were seen crying at the end of the movie while talking about Blinks and 'Jisoo Cried' started trending on Twitter. Watch Blinks enjoy the trend with their sweet reactions to Jisoo crying.




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