Namewee's lyrics 'look at Blackpink and masturbate' leave Blinks angry, rapper thanks them for 'views'

Malaysian rapper's song 'You Know Who Is My Father?' includes the masturbation reference to Blackpink that fans have found offensive

                            Namewee's lyrics 'look at Blackpink and masturbate' leave Blinks angry, rapper thanks them for 'views'
A still from Namewee's music video that sexualizes the members of the K-pop act Blackpink (YouTube; Roger Kisby/Getty Images)

Malaysian rapper Namewee has come under the fire of fans of Blackpink after his song 'You Know Who Is My Father?' included a reference to the famous K-pop act, but not in the best of ways. One line in his song goes, "always look at Blackpink and masturbate," leaving Blinks, the fans of the girl group around the world, outraged. 

The song released on May 28 on his social media page in collaboration with me88, a casino platform. The music video features a parody of how rich men from Malaysia behave and he uses two women in the video while attempting to impress them. Speaking about the song, Namewee said, "The moral of the song: Don’t play play (mess) with rich people, they can PIAK (hit) your face anytime they want, even in the steamboat restaurant…”


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The word masturbate is censored in the video, however, the inclusion of Blackpink in such a context has angered their protective fans worldwide. While Blinks have paid particular attention to how the rapper used Blackpink in his song, other netizens have also pointed out that the rapper has sexualized women in both his rap lyrics and also the video which was shot for the song. Fans of the girl group took over the comments section under the YouTube video and his Instagram feed to call him out. The video has racked up 95K views and has received 6.3K downvotes as compared to the 2.5K 'likes.'  


One user wrote under the YouTube video, "The parody is sexualizing (BLACKPINK). This shouldn’t (be called) a parody. This is stupid. He is literally a (grown) man (so there) is no need to write songs that sexualize people.” Another added, "Delete the video! Don’t ever speak (about) BLACKPINK again!” This has also gone viral on Twitter where fans have taken to the micro-blogging site to express their anger. 

One fan wrote on Twitter, "Just saw namewee stupid new song. Flop. And i don't even know who tf he is insult blackpink because want attention too flop compare you and bp it's like sky and grass too different." Another fan tweeted, "#Blinks are asking for an apology from namewee and rightly so! Such a disrespect to #Blackpink."



Another Twitter user wrote, "Namewee sexualising woman doesn’t sit right with me… Even if it’s not Blackpink it’s still very frightening and disrespectful towards woman. and the way he actually proud cause many people watch it just to attack him. Ugh i want to throw up." Another user claimed, "it's namewee, what do you expect? even the whole malaysia banned him pffttttt he doesn't live in malaysia."



Despite all the backlash, however, Namewee doesn't seem perturbed because the rapper thanked Blinks recently for driving traffic to his song. In the video creator's statement on YouTube, he wrote: "Thanks for giving me views. Please continue! How you like that that that that..." He later also claimed that Blinks are great at mobilizing and that they are united, however, he said that it was a pity that they did not understand the song.

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