'Big Brother': Tiffany wins HoH a second time, causes rift in the cookout alliance

Tiffany may have won her second HoH, but that might have now made her an obvious target

                            'Big Brother': Tiffany wins HoH a second time, causes rift in the cookout alliance
Tiffany Mitchell as seen on 'Big Brother' (CBS)

As the number of contestants on 'Big Brother' starts to dwindle, the remaining contestants are now feeling the show's heat. While a few alliances are still active, some players have understood that the competition has now evolved to every man for himself.

The alliance that has made it this far is the cookout. With Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier, Kyland Young, Hannah Chaddha, Tiffany Mitchell, and Xavier Prather as a part of this alliance, the game plan now is to make it to the final six. However, some members of the group might have different plans. 

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With these six in cahoots, the game plan is to eliminate everyone who is not a part of the cookout -- which means Claire and Alyssa are now the apparent targets. However, Tiffany, who is best friends with Claire, was not ready to have her friend leave the show, seeing that the alliance targeted her this week.

So Tiffany went on to win the HoH challenge, much to the chagrin of some cookout members, especially Kyland, who expected her to throw away the competition, so that he could get rid of Claire. With this situation in play, tensions were high between the cookout. Still, fans couldn't help but point out how hypocritical the problem was, seeing that Aza previously asked Kyland to throw away an HoH competition, and he refused. 

"Yall can villianize tiff all you want but we all know kyland can NOT handle an hoh without spiraling #bb23" tweeted a fan. "Yessss! Tiffany won HoH twice in a row. The CO men can stay salty imo. If you don't want her to win you win. simple as that.#BB23" added a fan. "Kyland can get out of here with his whining. If he wanted to win HOH instead of Tiffany, he should have held on longer than her. Plain and simple. #BB23" tweeted a user

"Whew Tiffany! Rack up that resume sis! Honestly, I'm glad she won. Y'all were so ready to give Kyland a third HOH likeeeee NEAUX. #bb23" agreed a user. "Kyland is such a hypocrite. "Actions over words." Oh is that what happened when you broke your promise to Azah and won the second HOH? #BB23" pointed out another. "No one sees the hypocrisy in Ky wanting to win HOH, even though the plan was to throw it to Azah. Tiffany peeped game and stayed on the rope. I'm not mad at her. #BB23" tweeted a fan. 













Tiffany's win seems to have created a rift in the cookout alliance, seeing that the men of the alliance seem to be banding together. Tiffany unsurprisingly nominated Alyssa and Xavier to be on the block when it came to this week's nominations. However, things might not be smooth sailing for Tiffany, as both Xavier and Alyssa are now determined to win the veto. With both of them being strong players, their winning veto will ruin all her plans. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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