What is the High Rollers Room? Here's which 'Big Brother' star earned the most 'BB Bucks'

With houseguests dwindling, the High Rollers Room offers players a chance to switch up the game!

                            What is the High Rollers Room? Here's which 'Big Brother' star earned the most 'BB Bucks'
The remaining houseguests as seen on 'Big Brother' (Instagram/@bigbrothercbs)

For the 'Big Brother' houseguests, the competition is definitely getting more challenging by the week. And with Christian Birkenberger gone, the question remains -- who will be the next target?

While the cookout alliance consisting of Kyland Young, Derek Frazier, Xavier Patter, Hannah Chaddha, Tiffany Mitchell and Azah Awasum has managed to keep themselves safe thus far, this week brings up a severe conflict of interest.


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With Kyland winning the second HoH, the cookout seemed to be slightly at odds ends. Azah hoped that Kyland would throw away the HoH contest, allowing her to keep Britini D’Angelo safe, but he himself wanted to keep Sarah Beth Steagall safe. Meanwhile, Tiffany wants nothing more than to get rid of Sarah Beth, while Kyland had Claire Rehfuss, Tiffany's best friend, on his hit list. Kyland decided to put up Claire and Derek F for elimination, to get rid of Claire, seeing that he and Derek F decided that the latter would be a pawn. 

While this situation did complicate things, the 'Big Brother' house threw another wrench in the players' plans. With the introduction of the High Rollers Room, each player was awarded a certain amount of BB Bucks, depending on the votes they got by the audience. Players with the highest votes were awarded $100 BB Bucks, those with the second-highest got $75 BB Bucks and finally there was a default amount of $50 awarded to the rest. Using their BB Bucks, each player could bet this cash and play three different games that came with 3 different powers. 

The first was Veto Derby for $50, where a housemate can bet on a player competing in the next veto competition. If that player wins, the housemate earns a second veto.

Next was Chopping Block Roulette for $125 -- winning this game allows a houseguest to remove a nominee, and determine their replacement via a roulette wheel. 

And finally, there was Coin of Destiny for $250, where the winner of yje game can overthrow the HoH with the flip of a coin. Should the player call the flip correctly, they will be crowned the new HoH. 

With Brittni, Derek X and Derek F getting $100 BB Bucks each, fans were confused as to who was voting for Brittni. "No seriously who is voting for Derek f and Britani??? #bb23 #bigbrother" asked a fan. "Wait who gave Britain 100 BB bucks ?? Since when was she a fan fav I’m confused #bb23 #BigBrother" tweeted another. "@CBSBigBrother You expecting us to believe that America voted for Britni? All it does is just make it painfully clear that you rig this shit #BigBrother #BB23" questioned a fan. "To whoever voted for Britni. May her ANNOYING butt go home this week. #BigBrother #BB23 @CBSBigBrother" agreed another. 









Out of all the players, Kyland, Derek F, Claire and Sarah Beth were the only ones who managed to make it to the Veto Derby scoreboard, which allows them to bet on players during the next veto competition. With each of them planning their own agenda, fans will have to wait and see to find out who comes out on top!

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