Is Sarah Beth targeting Hannah? 'Big Brother' fans say she sounds 'a little haterish'

Sarah Beth argued that Hannah should be up for elimination a little too relentlessly, according to 'Big Brother' fans

                            Is Sarah Beth targeting Hannah? 'Big Brother' fans say she sounds 'a little haterish'
Sarah Beth Steagall and Hannah Chaddha from 'Big Brother' Season 23 (CBS)

When in the 'Big Brother' house, it's essential to hold all your cards to yourself. One wrong move and you can end up with some very powerful enemies.

While Brandon 'Frenchie' French and Brent Champagne tried to play mind games and failed miserably, the tension is now rising in the house, seeing that the house guests never know who might be the next target.


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With Christian Birkenberger winning Head of Household, it was up to him to nominate two people for elimination. The first choice was Whitney Williams, as he believed that she would not hesitate to nominate him, and the rest of his team agreed. However, when it came to the second nomination, is where the conflict began. Sarah Beth Steagall came in hot, arguing that Hannah Chaddha should be up for elimination. She believes that Hannah has everything going for her, is a strong player and has all the men wrapped around her finger. Alyssa Lopez also argued that Hannah should be nominated, although she did it far more subtly than Sarah Beth.

Xavier Prather, who is also on their team, advised against it, seeing that Hannah is a part of his secret Cookout Alliance and he wanted to protect his 'little sister'. In a conversation with Kyland Young and Tiffany Mitchell, the latter also hinted at keeping Hannah safe. But Sarah Beth repeatedly argued, making her dislike for Hannah extremely obvious, and fans were quick to catch on.

"#BETH: "all your friends are so cool you go out every night in your daddy's nice car yeah you're living the life got a pretty face pretty boyfriend too i wanna be you so bad and i don't even know you" #BB23," tweeted a fan, seeing that Sarah Beth relentlessly tried to convince her alliance to nominate Hannah. "Sb said Hannah has all the men wrapped around her finger. sounds a little haterish #bb23" added another fan. 

"SB could convince people to target Hannah if she was just a bit more tactful.. one-on-ones would work so much better than yelling at her entire alliance #BB23," tweeted a fan, pointing out the obvious flaw in her game plan. "Here's where Sarah Beth messed up. When they started making strong opposition to putting Hannah up she should've left it there. And made a Mental note being "Okay they're working with her in some fashion". #BB23," agreed another. 





Some fans think Sarah Beth targetting Hannah is much deeper than it seems. "Hmmm Sarah Beth doesn't raise her voice above a whisper unless the topic is Hannah. #bb23" tweeted a user. "If this were any other season, Sarah Beth would've gotten her way. Thank goodness there are other black people in the house to protect Hannah. #bb23" agreed another. 



Sarah Beth did get her way in the end, but for entirely different reasons. Christian confronted Hannah and told her that she would possibly be the pawn next to Whitney, seeing that everyone wanted Whitney gone. Hannah argued against it, reasoning that she has been on Christian's side since day 1, whereas players like Azah Awasum and Whitney Williams have not.

Should any of them win Head of Household next week, Christian would be the obvious target, seeking that he has won challenges, HoH and veto power up until now. If he were to keep her safe, she would, in return, guarantee his safety as well. 

Christian found himself in a corner, seeing that Hannah made a compelling argument. But in the end, he went ahead and nominated her alongside Whitney. Hannah was calm and collected when her name was called out. However, when addressing the camera later, she made it clear that she was gunning for the power of veto, and when she wins it, her target was set entirely on Christian and Alyssa, as she was determined to take them both out. It's a cutthroat strategy, seeing that Hannah knows their plan, as Alyssa was the only other person, alongside Sarah Beth, who insisted on nominating Hannah. 

What do you think will happen next? Sound off in the comments below! 

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