'Big Brother': Hannah claims Derek X's HoH win is hers as Royal Flush alliance is exposed

With the competition getting tougher with every passing week, a leak of information could prove to be fatal for some houseguests

                            'Big Brother': Hannah claims Derek X's HoH win is hers as Royal Flush alliance is exposed
Derek X and Hannah Chaddha as seen on 'Big Brother' (CBS)

When it comes to staying in the 'Big Brother' house, you're only as strong as your alliances. Having the Head of Household of the week on your side is definitely helpful, however, for the HoH, it's all about making a decision that does not affect them later on.

This week, the HoH winner was Derek X having won the challenge for the same. It was down to wire between him, Xavier Patter and Alyssa Lopez, however, he managed to bag a win after striking a deal with the both of them, ensuring their safety. Deals and controversies are nothing new in the Big Brother house.


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With Derek X as the new HoH, there was an alliance that seemed at odds ends. The Cookout Alliance was hoping to have nominated Alyssa this week, but with her safety promised they'd have to be more discreet. On the other hand, Derek X kept confiding in Hannah Chaddha when it came to his decision, seeing that the pair are rather close. Hannah's safety was guaranteed this week and she even went as far as to claim that Derek's HoH win, basically her win, on account of how close the two are. 

Hannah is clearly playing a strong game so far and now, she has a bit of information to help her out. With most of the teams dissolved, the Royal Flush alliance between the Kings, the Queens and Derek X remains a secret. However, during a conversation between Hannah, Derek X and Tiffany, Tiffany let information about this alliance slip. This was a grave mistake, seeing that Hannah was entirely unaware of the alliance's existence. 

Fans were thoroughly amused by the reactions that followed. "#bigbrother23 #BigBrother #bb23 Tiffany - "....royal flush..." Hannah...." joked a fan, after Tiffany exposed the alliance. "That was AWESOME from Hannah "So…. Who's Royal Flush?!?" DX looked like he wanted that bed to swallow him whole  #bigbrother #bb23 #bigbrother23," tweeted a fan. 

"Oh Tiffany, you got a big mouth talking to Derek X with Hannah sitting next to you mentioning The Royal Flush, the alliance that she is not a part of #BigBrother #bigbrother23," pointed out another.  "I bet Hannah is going to have some words for Xavier too Knowing him and Tiffany are in The Cookout alliance with her and in a side hustle without her called The Royal Flush #BigBrother #bigbrother23," added another.

"Hannah is smartttt. That's why I wasn't mad SB was targeting her because she was right. But I love that Hannah is going to keep that RF info as an advantage. Play that game girl. #BigBrother" added a user. 











While Derek X and Tiffany tried to play it cool and stated that the alliance was not that important and was a one-time thing. Hannah didn't seem to buy into it entirely, saying that this information was hers to use when she saw fit. Looks like Hannah is one player to watch out.

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