Who is Derek Frazier? 'Big Brother' housemate first shot to fame with drunken TikTok video

Frazier is the son of American boxer Smokin' Joe Frazier

                            Who is Derek Frazier? 'Big Brother' housemate first shot to fame with drunken TikTok video
Derek Frazier from 'Big Brother' (Derek/ Instagram)

'Big Brother' Season 23 has gotten off to a great start with all of the 16 contestants entering the house and prepping themselves up for the next stage. Previously, we had reported they would be divided into groups of four and each of these groups will be assigned a captain. The leads will get access to individual video clips of the housemates that will help them decide the best picks for their teams. A contestant who seems captain material among this new lot is Derek Frazier. More about him in a bit.

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Who is Derek Frazier?

This Philadelphia-based Safety Officer is easily the strongest housemate this season will see, or at least, one of the strongest given the amount he benches and squats. "I can lift a lot of weight. Bench 315 lbs, deadlift 500 lbs, back squat 520 lbs," he told CBS ahead of the premiere. Not surprising, given he comes from a family of athletes. Frazier is the son of American professional boxer Joseph William Frazier, who was nicknamed 'Smokin' Joe'. He competed from 1965 to 1981. 

Interestingly, that's not the only reason why he is slightly on the popular side. In 2020 October, his friend uploaded a clip of him out at a beach claiming that champagne cannot get him wasted. Next, we see him drunkenly dancing and singing to rapper Cardi B’s 'Money' at a restaurant. 



Frazier describes himself as "loud, outgoing, and assertive" and his favorite activities are "going out, dancing at the bars, cross-fit, and binge-watching TV." His game plan is to try to know everyone personally so that they never put him on a block. 


Other contestants competing for the $500,000 grand prize are  Alyssa Lopez, Azah Awasum, Brent Champagne, Britini D'Angelo, Christie Valdiserri, Derek Xiao, Brandon 'Frenchie' French, Christian Birkenberger, Hannah Chaddha, Kyland Young, Sarah Steagall, Tiffany Mitchell, Travis Long, Whitney Williams and Xavier Prather.

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