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'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Who are the current couples? Second rose ceremony unveils new lovers and old connections

Two men self-eliminated themselves, while, two got eliminated after 'Bachelor in Paradise's second rose ceremony
'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 second rose ceremony (ABC)
'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 second rose ceremony (ABC)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 is truly one of the most dramatic shows of all time. There are romantic dates, heartbreaks, love triangles, and a lot of manipulations. In 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 Episode 6, we saw boys trying hard to impress girls in order to get a rose.

Ahead of the second rose ceremony, there were 12 guys and 7 girls. Well, the girls' number being too low, we were certain that there was a lot of self-elimination waiting ahead. The same happened, but one new cast member was also added to the list. Michael Allio was constantly seen whining about his possible elimination because of no connection. However, the show seems to be doing him a favor by introducing Danielle Maltby. Michael took Danielle on a beach date and managed to convince her to give him the rose. Keep reading to know who else got the rose from whom.


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Who got the rose from whom at 'Bachelor in Paradise's second rose ceremony?

Before the second rose ceremony started, we saw Peter Izzo leaving the show after creating the wreck by telling the boys on the beach about Brittany being a bad date. Furthermore, Casey Woods left 'Bachelor in Paradise' after his medical emergency. Well, by the time the second rose ceremony arrive, the show was left with only 10 boys but the women's list hiked up to 8. Indeed, two boys were destined to leave the rose by the end of the episode.

Serene gave her rose to Brandon. Jill gave her rose to Jacob. Lace gave her rose to Rodney. Genevieve gave her rose to Aaron. Shanae gave her rose to Logan. Victoria gave her rose to Johnny. Brittany gave her rose to Andrew. Danielle gave her rose to Michael. With no girls choosing James Bonsall and Justin Glaze, both of them were eliminated from the show. 

Even though the second rose ceremony caught everyone's eye, 'BiP' fans slammed the show for bringing the rose ceremony too late. A fan tweeted, "Second rose ceremony??? How is that possible?! This show has been in for like 3 months!! (At least it feels that way)" Another wrote, "Wait this is only the SECOND ROSE CEREMONY?!? Lord help us." Furthermore, a fan claimed, "3 women have self-eliminated because they were sick of waiting WEEKS for a f*****g rose ceremony." Another fan took note of how the show managed to let Michael stay on the island by introducing a new contestant. "There was fasho something going on before with Michael and Danielle. Producers really love this guy to bring her in right before rose ceremony," wrote the fan.





'Bachelor in Paradise' airs on ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

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