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Was Danielle Maltby's entry set up? 'Bachelor in Paradise' fans slam show for doing Michael Allio a favor

'Now I know Michael owes the producers a favor,' said a 'Bachelor in Paradise' fan
Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (ABC)
Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (ABC)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: Michael Allio took everyone's heart in 'Bachelor in Paradise' with his sob story about his dead wife. Well, in no moment 'BiP' fans turned their back on him seeing him being desperate about getting the rose. Now, with the second rose ceremony approaching, Michael has no one whom he can rely on to get the rose.

But it seems that 'BiP' producers have done Michael a favor by introducing a new cast member to the show. Danielle Maltby from 'The Bachelor' Season 21 joined the show. And with all the girls already having a connection, it seems pretty clear that Danielle is left with Michael. As soon as Danielle entered the island, Michael immediately hopped onto her. He further explained to the viewers how happy he felt with Danielle coming as a savior. The reality star stated, "I can't wait to see if this could be something bigger". Michael in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 Episode 6 is seen taking Danielle to the bar counter and kissing her hand. The star further confesses that he has no connection on the island and their similar life experiences helped the duo spark a connection with each other. Michael lost his wife to cancer while Danielle lost her fiance Nick Viall. Michael even took Danielle on a beach date expecting her to give her rose to him in the second rose ceremony. Well, 'BiP' fans slammed the show for doing a favor to Michael by bringing in Danielle. 


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'Bachelor in Paradise' fans wonder why is production doing a favor by bringing in a new girl. Fans took note of the bartender Well Adam's tweet, claiming, "Oh it wasn’t low key. They cut it, but I told @MichaelAllio I had someone for him and then walked up the steps of paradise, welcomed @daniellemmaltby and told her to go find Michael." To this, a fan replied, "See, completely set up by production for Danielle and Michael". Another fan slammed the show, "Now I know Michael owes the producers a favor because why else would they send his dream girl to the beach at midnight before a rose ceremony". Another wrote, "So Michael breaks it off w/Sierra b/c he isn’t “ready to date”, stays, but then starts saying goodbye then production sends in Danielle, & he isn’t ready for her either?! Why does this show keep trying with Michael?! He needs a therapist, not a girlfriend".





Moreover, some fans even lashed out at Michael saying he needs a therapist and not a relationship. A fan tweeted, "I’ll say it again maybe Michael will hear me this time. He needs a therapist. Leave the island and go to therapy. Danielle is his therapist right now and that’s not good". Another slammed Michael and Danielle's connection, "Are Michael and Danielle trauma bonding". Furthermore, fans even noticed how Michael and Danielle even skipped Casa Amor. A 'BiP' critic tweeted, "Wow, Michael and Danielle even get to skip out on the Casa Amor twist too? Does production owe this man money or something?"




The new episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 releases every Monday and Tuesday at 8 pm ET.

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