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'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022: Fans slam Pizza Peter for villainizing Brittany after she rejects his kiss

'Peter did everything but ask Brittany about herself', a fan wrote about Peter and Brittany's first date
UPDATED OCT 12, 2022
Peter Izzo in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (ABC)
Peter Izzo in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (ABC)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: Every outstanding season of 'The Bachelor' or 'The Bachelorette' has a schtick, and Peter Izzo was that person in Michelle Young's season. Fans got a taste of the same slice when he returned to 'Bachelor in Paradise' this time.

In Season 18 of 'The Bachelorette,' the self-described "pizzapreneur" made his love for pizza abundantly clear from the start. Viewers may remember Peter's famous arrival when he hurled a portion of pizza dough into the air and onto the driveway. That frenetic energy appears to be typical of Peter, who was also involved in multiple shouting confrontations throughout his tenure on the show. Now, Peter has returned to 'Bachelor In Paradise,' bringing more drama — and, let's be honest, a lot more pizza talk.


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Peter was only on the show for a short time during Michelle's 'Bachelorette' season, but he made an impression. He was ousted in Week 3, but not before starting a quarrel with Will when he labeled him a narcissist and threw Will's jacket in the pool. Peter also spent most of his time talking about his pizza company, and he made sure to bring pies to the season's 'Men Tell All' special.

The men were once again praying for a miracle after another lady self-eliminated on the October 11 episode. The Pizza King, Peter, is added to the mix as a substitute by the 'Bachelor in Paradise' gods. After speaking with the women, he meets Brittany, who gives him the feeling that the moon is hitting his eye like a huge pizza pie. She accepts his invitation to go on a date. Despite a terrible microphone malfunction that muffles their whole talk, the two wind themselves on a yacht drinking champagne and having fun in the sea. When it comes to winning Brittany over, Peter's maneuvers aren't exactly a recipe for success, as the girl seems bored out of her mind as he gloats about renting yachts, having a jet ski, and his "biggest phobia in life is not living my life." Sheesh.

Brittany and Peter in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (ABC)
Brittany and Peter in 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 (ABC)

He moves in for a kiss, which she avoids by hugging him instead. "I just met Pete, and it's like, read the room," she explains. "That just made me feel really uncomfortable." Brittany must be protected at all costs!

After returning to the beach, Peter collects Romeo and Casey and trashes Brittany, claiming she has "an ulterior motive" and that she wants to be an "Instagram model." It's sad that neither man appears to stand up for her. "If I was at home and I took a girl out, and we spent all day on a yacht together, okay, I promise you we would be hooking up," Peter declares. "My gut feeling has to tell me, 'Was it all an act?'"

Sorry, Peter, but the viewers believe that getting upset because your date wasn't interested in you is never the appropriate response. One of them took to Twitter and called Peter out for playing a victim, "UHM PETER LET ME TELL YOU WHAT WE’RE NOT GONNA DO IS VILLIANIZE BRITTANY BECAUSE SHE REJECTED YOU #BachelorInParadise #BachelorInParadiseABC." Another viewer wrote, "Peter is like she didn’t like me so Brittany is super insincere she isn’t here for a connection because look at me how can you not want me #BachelorInParadiseABC #bachelorinparadise." Seeing Peter act the way he did on his date, a fan went on to add, "Peter really has zero self-awareness, huh? #BachelorInParadise #BachelorInParadiseABC #bachelornation." Another fan quipped, "Peter when a girl doesn’t like him back: #BachelorInParadise #BachelorInParadiseABC."





Viewers are in fact glad to witness the kind of man they'd want to avoid as they write, "Love bachelor in paradise giving us an insight into incel, beta, little d*ck energy mindset by bringing Peter to the beach. #BachelorInParadise #BachelorInParadiseABC #BIP." One fan also noticed how inattentive Peter was towards Brittany on their date, "Peter did everything but ask Brittany about herself #BachelorInParadiseABC #BachelorInParadise #BachelorNation." Noticing the red flags around Peter, a fan tweeted, "Peter convinced that Brittany is there for the wrong reasons because she doesn’t like him is peak man behavior. Red flags all around #bip #BachelorInParadise #BachelorInParadiseABC." One fan called Peter out for constantly promoting his business on the show but calling others a clout chaser, "Really Peter?!?? You are there to promote your business. Just because she is not that into you she is a clout chaser. You are ridiculous! #BachelorInParadise #BachelorInParadiseABC #BIP."





Season 8 of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8 airs Mondays and Tuesdays from 8 pm to 10 pm ET.

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