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Was Pizza Pete kicked out by the girls? 'Bachelor in Paradise' fans slam 'pizzapreneur' for berating women

Brittany made the decision to confront Peter because she considered it 'so disrespectful' to be labeled a 'clout chaser'
Peter Izzo in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)
Peter Izzo in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)

VALLARTA, MEXICO: It was a crazy night in Paradise, with one guy being chased off the beach by a horde of enraged ladies. Fans applaud the girls on the beach for kicking lout Pizza Pete aka Peter Izzo for his toxic energy.

The "pizzapreneur" from Michelle Young's 'Bachelorette' season once tried to sue a fellow contestant for allegedly insulting his pizza business, so it's not surprising that he started causing trouble on the beach. Pete put last week's unpleasant date with Brittany Galvin on her, alleging she had an "ulterior motive" during a talk with his fellow Paradise men. "I do honestly feel like, in my gut, her intentions of being here are not to find a genuine connection," he stated, adding that she may be on the series to garner Instagram followers.


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During Monday's Cocktail Ceremony, Casey decides to make a move for Brittany, and his plan to entice her away from Andrew entails throwing his foe, Peter the Pizza Idiot, under the bus. Casey describes Peter as a "complete [bleep]. He went on a date and a girl didn't like him, and his response is, 'Let's bury her.' Like, crazy." From there, fans are treated to a medley of Peter trash-talking Brittany, claiming that she talked nonstop about Instagram and TikTok on their date and implying that she's only there for the followers. Casey realizes it's nonsense, as are most of Peter's statements, so his strategy is to tell Brittany what he's been saying... in the expectation that she thinks he's a "hero" and offers him her rose? It's hardly a plausible possibility, but Casey has nothing to lose.

He carries out his strategy, alerting Brittany that "Peter is running his mouth" about her, that he referred to her as a "clout chaser," and so on. This has the effect that was wanted: Brittany gets angry and decides she wants to have a "serious conversation" with Pizza Pete. Peter attempts to pretend that their date's conversations were "one-sided," but Brittany quickly shuts him down and slams him for wanting to kiss her after only five minutes and spending the entire day fishing for compliments. Brittany hits her limit and walks away after Peter responds that she is a "waste of time." Jill asks her what happened, and her reaction when Brittany tells her is rather amusing.

Brittany wants to "drop it" at this point, but the other Paradisians are involved and ready to throw fists. "No one wants to get involved in drama," Jill explains. "But he's making Brittany feel uncomfortable, and if my friend's feeling uncomfortable, I'm going to do whatever I can to make her feel better. I want him to leave."

Brittany and Jill confronting Pizza Pete in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)
Brittany and Jill confronting Pizza Pete in 'Bachelor in Paradise' 2022 (ABC)

Jill marches over to Peter and tells him it is time for him to leave the beach. "Please get up those stairs and get the f—-out of here," she yells. Casey is watching the drama unfold from the bar, and it's starting to make him dizzy. The stress of generating such a commotion on the beach soon becomes too much for Casey to bear, and...he faints.

Peter stays on the beach even though he has been told that he is not welcome in Paradise. Jacob determines it is up to the guys to save the "damsels in distress" by throwing the Pizza guy out. Peter puffs up his chest and declares, "You can't fire me — I quit!" He argues that he is leaving on his own terms.

And so he departed the beach after a brief stay in Paradise — but not before one last shoutout to his company, Peter's Pizzeria, and an unusual Italian farewell: "Buongiorno, b*tches!" (As Jacob reminded, the phrase literally means "Good morning.")

From being disrespectful towards the women on the beach to making complete fool of himself, viewers couldn't help but slam Pizza Pete on the social media. Stunned at the fact he continued to berate women, a fan wrote: "Nope I hate Pete!!! What in the actual hell gives him the right to berate women like this? He told Brittany she is a waste of time. Are you kidding me? What a jacka*s." Putting a dig in his past on the show, another viewer wrote: "Is Pete gonna sue Brittany for defamation on the tell all lmfao." Another fan asked: "What does Pizza Pete have to gain from this? He's literally tarnishing the reputation of pizza by association." Guessing how he is outside of Paradise, a viewer urged: "I just want all the women who works at Pete's pizzeria to come out and confirm his douchery as a boss."





Seeing the women for banding together to kick Peter out, fans tweeted: "Im loving how most of the girls r ganging up on Pete." Calling him 'trash' for objectifying women, a fan tweeted: "“IF I’M NOT PHYSICALLY ATTRACTED TO YOU I CANT EVEN LOOK AT YOU” ciao pizza Pete you’re trash." Stunned to see him fabricating lies about Brittany, a fan wrote: "Pizza Pete is the perfect example of a fragile ego—seriously telling blatant lies about Brittany."




Bachelor in Paradise' airs on ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

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