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B.I announces comeback half-album 'Cosmos' after he's free from drug scandal

Kim Hanbin announces his November 2021 comeback with a new half-album titled ‘Cosmos’
B.I announces a speedy comeback with 'Cosmos'19 days after his first online concert (@131_label_/Twitter)
B.I announces a speedy comeback with 'Cosmos'19 days after his first online concert (@131_label_/Twitter)

Former member and leader of iKON had to cut all ties with the group as he was embroiled in a drug scandal in 2019. B.I had made his solo debut since his exit from the group but things always seemed uncertain to fans given his ongoing trial. More than 800 days after the trial began, on September 10 it was announced that B.I was essentially free if he did not find himself in trouble with drug-related charges in the future.

After his trial, B.I was put on probation and fans finally took a breath of relief to finally be able to see more of their idol. Soon after the trial ended, B.I met his fans in an online concert which was his first highly anticipated concert - ‘131 Live Presents’ on October 3 through the American media company LiveXLive. During this concert, B.I sang many of his solo songs as he rocked his new blonde hairdo. From the beginning of the concert, fans noticed a new confidence in his demeanor and how he seemed more open than he had ever seemed before.


Kim Hanbin's drug case closed after 821 days, B.I fans say 'let's start new chapter'

Former iKON member B.I holds his first solo online concert after drug trial

B.I is posed with the question 'What is your Cosmos?' that he begins to answer with his half album (@shxxbi131/Instagram)

B.I announced a short comeback

Soon after B.I's concert ended, he greeted fans and thanked IDs (B.I’s fandom) for their consistent love and support as he promised fans more content in the future. Well, it seems like the future was not that far away as B.I announced his second comeback for 2021 on October 22, only 19 days after his concert. B.I took to his social media platforms to release an album teaser for his half-album ‘Cosmos’.

Hanbin announced his album with a short teaser that was posted on his Instagram account. The teaser for the album had many people from various genders, age groups, and circles as short video clips featuring these everyday people are asked a question, ‘What is your Cosmos?’ To this question, all of these had different answers. One said "family" was their Cosmos while others said it was their "pet" or "to be able to dance" among many other things.

Kim Hanbin releases the comeback schedule for his upcoming half album, 'Cosmos' (@131_label_/Instagram)

What is B.I’s Cosmos?

The camera then panned out to B.I who sat comfortably in a chair, looking ever so charming. When posed with the question, ‘What is your Cosmos?’, B.I begins to answer it by saying, “My…” as the camera cuts out to a black screen. The upcoming album will release on November 11 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).

B.I’s label described his upcoming album ‘Cosmos' as one that deals with the question about unfading love that makes B.I dream of eternity that makes him live and breathe. ‘Cosmos’ will be his first official comeback after the release of his regular full-length album ‘Waterfall’. B.I announced the comeback schedule for ‘Cosmos’ which will begin with the release of his tracklist poster on October 25.