Kim Hanbin's drug case closed after 821 days, B.I fans say 'let's start new chapter'

B.I was sentenced to three years of probation as he escapes immediate incarceration

                            Kim Hanbin's drug case closed after 821 days, B.I fans say 'let's start new chapter'
B.I long-running drug scandal is finally put to an end after 821 days (Star Today News/

IDs, the fandom of B.I, can finally take a breath of relief after hearing the news of him being essentially free of all charges. His ongoing drug scandal which first broke out back in June of 2019 has finally been closed on September 10, 2021.

Now, after more than two years, precisely 821 days after the breaking out of his scandal, Kim Hanbin aka B.I has been sentenced to four years on probation. B.I is essentially not charged with incarceration but he has been put under probation for the next four years.


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Details of his sentence

The sentence further implies that during the period of his probation, if he is caught for being involved in any drug-related crimes, B.I will be immediately sentenced to three years in prison. Not only this, B.I has also been ordered to serve 80 hours of community service. He has also been charged to attend 40 hours of medication lectures for the treatment of his mental health which was one of the reasons for his possession of LSD. Overall that, B.I has been charged with a fine of 1.5 million won (approx $1,286).

Fans of his music had been extremely supportive of him since he was never found guilty of consuming illegal drugs. He was only found in possession of toxic drugs like LSD which he confessed was because was going through a dark time in his life.

Kim Han Bin aka B.I apologized for his actions. (Kim Changhyun/My Daily)

B.I’s image was tarnished

B.I is one of the many K-pop idols including names like Big Bang’s T.O.P, BTS’ V (Kim Taehyung), Monsta X’s former member Wonho and current leader Shownu, etc. who had their careers tarnished because of an informant, who was a former K-pop trainee. Because of this informant, Wonho decided to leave the boy band and after he was declared free from all charges, he made a debut as a soloist under Highline Entertainment.

Due to the informant's tip, B.I was indicted and charged for the consumption of marijuana and upon testing it was revealed that he never consumed LSD but only possessed it due to going through a rough patch in his life.


Fans of B.I rejoice

With the news of his freedom, his fans are most excited for a new phase in his life. Fans rejoiced as they said, “HANBIN IS FINALLY FREE AFTER TWO LONG F**KING YEARS.” One fan said, “Now show and let the world hear your music! be free to be happy hanbin!” One fan made an edit pointing out the sheer number of people who supported Hanbin in his tough time. One proud fan said, “Biggest flex: I'm simping over a man named Kim Hanbin who just got his freedom after years.”

One very proud fan said, “THERE'S ALWAYS A JUSTICE FOR BEING A GOOD PERSON! GO HANBIN!” Another fan plainly tweeted saying his case was finally closed after 800+ days. One iKonic said, “Celebrating iKON's anniversary, Bobby's newborn, and finally Hanbin's freedom— September is such a good month afterall.” One ID said, “It's finally over. Hanbin, let's start a new chapter. Us IDs are behind you all the way.”









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