7 months after drug abuse scandal, B.I releases deeply emotional new track and fans love every minute

7 months after drug abuse scandal, B.I releases deeply emotional new track and fans love every minute
Former iKON band member B.I (YouTube)

B.I is back! After a hiatus of nearly seven months, the former iKON band member quietly released a song on his personal SoundCloud page.

On January 2, B.I posted a track titled 'DEMO. 1'. The track features only B.I's beautiful vocals. The song seems to be the singer's way of sharing his deep feelings and emotions with his fans.

The singer last updated his SoundCloud page in June 2019. Fans were worried about him after he made his Instagram page private, and deleted all his demos on SoundCloud.

Thankfully, B.I seems to want to begin afresh. He released a demo track, which was received positively by his fans across the world.

Immediately after the track's release, the hashtag #WELCOMEBACKHANBIN began trending on Twitter. Fans were very happy to see their favorite singer's return, and had nothing but words of encouragement and support for him.

A fan tweeted, "We want to express our happiness and support to our friends iKONIC on the occasion of the return of their member Hanbin #WelcomeBackHanbin". Another fan wrote, "We really survived 7 months without him and now he's finally back  #WelcomeBackHanbin".

"Going through the lyrics over and over again made me realized, it must have been really hard for him. Hanbin, thank you for being so strong and for doing so well. #WelcomeBackHanbin," expressed another fan.

2019 was tough on B.I. He left the popular South Korean band 'iKON' amidst allegations that he may have purchased and used illegal drugs.

Dispatch, a local newspaper in Korea, revealed screenshots of messages between the singer and a convicted drug peddler who has been identified as "A". The messages show the singer enquiring with "A" about the potency of LSD and its price. After the news broke, the singer left his band iKON, and also took to his Instagram to pen down an apology to all his fans and followers.

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