B.I reveals online concert poster instead of vinyl pre-order, fans ask for 'whole calendar'

B.I aka Kim Hanbin accidentally reveals that he will be having his first online concert as a soloist soon

                            B.I reveals online concert poster instead of vinyl pre-order, fans ask for 'whole calendar'
B.I to have his first online concert soon (@shxx131bi131/Twitter)

B.I may have been on a hiatus last year, but he’s back in full force. The former leader of iKON came back as a soloist by getting featured in Epik High’s track ‘Acceptance Speech’ which was a diss at the K-pop industry. He then officially debuted as a soloist in 2021 with the single album, ‘Midnight Blue’. He continued his philanthropic streak with the single album with all of the proceeds going to charity. He then released his studio album ‘Waterfall’ with the lead single ‘illa illa’. And we might even be getting his first online concert soon.

B.I’s fans were eagerly waiting for his return and so went all out for his release. ‘Waterfall’ ended up charting on several charts like Billboard and iTunes. It topped on iTunes in 24 countries and ranked #2 on the iTunes Worldwide Album chart. It also debuted at #8 on Billboard Japan and #6 on Gaon Album Chart. It did so well in China that it topped QQ Music and the album was certified as triple gold with 40k digital sales. Even the music video of the lead single ‘illa illa’ trended on Youtube and got 12.7M views in the first 24 hours making it the most-viewed debut music video of a male soloist in 24 hours.

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B.I to have his first online concert

He also became the youngest executive director of IOK Company. With currently a total of 109k sales, B.I is the nineth most best-selling male soloist in August 2021. To show his appreciation to his fans, B.I has been busy releasing mini vlogs, Twitter spaces, lyrics videos and official fan merch. He also released the notice for pre-orders of the vinyl version of ‘Waterfall’. However, while posting the details of the vinyl pre-order, his team accidentally posted the wrong poster.

B.I’s team made a post about the vinyl pre-order on the Chinese social media platform Weibo and accidentally attached a poster of his first online concert. While several artists have been having online concerts in lieu of the global lockdown, nothing of the sort had been announced by B.I. He might have been keeping it a secret that he’d announce at the right time. However, due to this snafu, fans now know that he will be holding an online concert soon.



Thankfully, no dates were mentioned on the concert poster. All we know is that he has partnered up with LiveXLive Media who will manage the technicalities of the concert. As for the vinyl, the pre-order period is between August 13 and August 22, 2021. It will be shipped out on December 7, 2021.


B.I's real name Kim Hanbin ended up trending over this accidental revelation. IDs found the whole thing hilarious as they tweeted, “Hey @shxx131bi131 mr ceo kim hanbin / b.i cant u just release ur whole calendar so i know what to expect because.” Another wondered if the concert will be on October 22 as it’s B.I’s birthday, “Kim Hanbin usually celebrated his birthday every year with the fans since 2014 - 2018 he always celebrated his birthday in Concert and events. so because we got the online concert teaser already i expect that it probably will be held in his Birthday this year.”

One fan analyzed the concert poster as it had the same theme as ‘Waterfall’, “The water emerge from the group creating a shower Kim Hanbin your mind! From a water dropping from a waterfall to the seaside, submerging into the ground and emerging again upwards. Love that so much!” One fan wondered what other secret events and projects B.I had in the pipeline, “Kim Hanbin is surely unstoppable now. Fast and furious. You don't even have time to recover your bank account, there's always something new aaa.” They were also excited that B.I would be performing live for the first time as a soloist, “A live performances after 2 years from our one and only, kim hanbin!!!!”