Ex-iKON member B.I. submits apology letter to court before his first drug case trial

Kim Han Bin also known as B. I. will face his first trial on August 27 for suspicion on the purchase and consumption of drugs

                            Ex-iKON member B.I. submits apology letter to court before his first drug case trial
B.I. will appear in court for the first time since his scandal from 2019 (@shxx131bi131/Twitter)

After his departure from the K-pop group, iKON B.I. or Kim Han Bin has managed to save his career as a solo artist under IOK Music and 131 Label. In June of 2019, B.I. was embroiled in a controversy related to drug purchase and abuse which led to the downfall of the former leader of iKON’s professional career as he had to depart from the group after the termination of his contract with YG Entertainment. 

It was revealed that B. I. attempted to purchase drugs like cannabis (marijuana) and LSD back in 2016. During the same time, Wonho an ex-member of the K-Pop group Monsta X was accused of similar charges leading up to his exit from the group. His case was resolved as he won the legal battle and came out free of all charges and debuted as a solo artist.


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B.I. leaves iKON

In February of 2020 after test results on drug use were conducted on Han Bin, it was revealed that he delivered a negative result. Despite that, on May 28, B. I. was indicted without detention by the violent crimes department of Seoul Central District for the purchase of illegal drugs. His trial was supposed to be held on July 9, 2021, but had to be delayed because of a confirmed case of COVID-19. His first trial then had been shifted to August 27, 2021.

Reports suggest that B. I. has submitted a written apology days before his first hearing. The trial date for B.I. who was indicted on charges of violating the law on drug management will be held at the Seoul Central District Court on the morning of August 27. 


Will an apology letter help B. I.?

Writing a letter of apology often works in favor of those charged as it helps the judiciary sympathize with the accused. Previous cases of accused K-pop idols who wrote letters of apology to have their sentences reduced are Ilhoon, an ex-member of BTOB who was held for consumption of drugs. His sentence of four years was reduced to two due to his submission of an apology letter.

B. I. submitted his apology letter on August 25 before his trial which fans hope will positively reflect on the trial considering the fact that he had already admitted to charges before departing from iKON. Since that there have been other allegations that former CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk had covered up police investigations last year.



After B. I. left iKON, he was appointed as the youngest director of IOK Company in October of 2020 after some time in self-reflection. In addition, he released a solo album last month, resuming his musical career as an artist while also dropping details on his first online concert as a solo artist.

Fans wish him good luck for his trial

As drug use is a mental health-related issue, B. I. has also admitted to seeking help in the form of illegal drugs although he has never admitted to consuming them. Fans have always been supportive of him and wish for his freedom. One fan said, "Full freedom soon I'm so happy and proud of you, binnie. Good luck tomorrow heheing." Another fan said, "Good luck for today bub!! 210827 No matter how much you strangle me, I’ll always have air to breathe."

A fan wrote about Han Bin saying, "I salute and admire B.I/Kim Hanbin. I'm so so proud on what he have right now and love to see how he's improving and acheiving all the success. My love for hanbin is everything (i think all IDs righ?). Cant describe a single word srsly. Tysm." while another said, "Good luck to you Mr. Kim Hanbin. We just wanna see you smiling as today ends." One fan said, "I hope it's not the end, i must see you again." while another said, "Kim Hanbin, we are here for you. Stay strong. We can do this. We love you. Hwaitiiiiing!"












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