Ateez's Yunho nets a great catch on 'City Fisherman', fans call him a 'fishing genius'

Ateez's Yunho nets a great catch on 'City Fisherman', fans call him a 'fishing genius'
Ateez's Yunho appears on variety show 'City Fisherman' (YouTube, Instagram)

Ateez has been booked and busy and the year hasn't even come to an end. From appearing on Mnet's fierce survival show 'Kingdom' to working on their Japanese release and acting on the K-drama 'Imitation', the boys haven't had time to breathe. Well, one of the members might be able to relax with his latest gig.

Yunho has been much talked about for his acting debut on 'Imitation' and fans were in awe that he was doing such a good job in his very first role. Well, looks like they're being well fed since Yunho is also appearing on the latest episode of Channel A variety show, 'City Fisherman'.

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Yunho on ‘City Fisherman’

Also known as 'The Fishermen and the City', the variety show has been airing since 2017 and is now in its third season. The entertainment show invites celebrities like idols and actors like Ateez’s Yunho to bond together while having fishing competitions and in general, relaxing and having a fun time. Their latest episode which aired on July 9 had various guests. The idol lineup included AB6IX's Woojin, Ateez's Yunho, Block B's Jaehyo, Ha Sungwoon, Kim Wooseok, Stray Kids' Lee Know and The Boyz's Juyeon. 

While all of Ateez have shown their prowess at 'ISAC' and the sports day on 'Kingdom', Yunho was chosen to appear on this charmingly rustic variety show. It probably worked in his favor since his father is known to be a good fisherman. All eyes were on him, waiting to see if he would follow in his father's footsteps. 

Yunho did catch two fish in the beginning, but his perseverance helped him in the end. During the end of the segment, he ended up catching a huge fish that even wowed the cast and crew. His big build and calm presence had everyone calling him a fishing genius. He also shared pearls of wisdom as he stated, “The charm of fishing is it's fun to just do it, whether or not you catch something, I think that's kinda charming.” To this, one of the MCs, actor Lee Deok-hwa agreed with him.


Fans react

Apart from his performance, there were tons of endearing moments that totally stole Atiny’s heart. At one point, a butterfly flitted around him and ended up resting on his hand. His innocent comment that it might have been because it must have liked him was so adorable that that is what got him trending on Twitter in the first place.

One fan tweeted, “Yunho: “i think the butterfly likes me.” Another Atiny tweeted, “I present to you 1 minute of jung yunho being very attractive while fishing i love how everyone is so supportive cheering for him at the back and calling him a "fishing genius.” When Yunho said that he wanted to go fishing with Ateez, one fan joked, “Jongho will catch fish bare hands.” Another made a meme with Yunho and San, “Yunho The Fisherman ATINY”








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 Ateez's Yunho wows fans on 'City Fisherman'