What happened to Ateez's Mingi? K-pop star is making 'progress' in recovery break, fans say 'take your time'

A statement published through a fan cafe notes that Mingi has made much progress after he started seeking counseling and focused on just his recovery and rest

                            What happened to Ateez's Mingi? K-pop star is making 'progress' in recovery break, fans say 'take your time'
Mingi will not promote Ateez's album to focus more on recovery (Ateez Instagram)

It’s a bittersweet feeling for Atinys, the name Ateez fans use for themselves. On one hand, Ateez, the promising fourth-generation K-pop group is returning with a new comeback which will have all the member’s participation including Mingi, but on a different note, Mingi will continue his hiatus to focus on his recovery and not be seen promoting the album with other members of the group. 

In an updated statement, Ateez’s entertainment agency KQ Entertainment has given more details about the K-pop star’s health. The statement, which was published through a fan cafe, notes that Mingi has made much progress in his recovery after he started seeking counseling and focused on just recovery.

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Mingi, the main rapper and dancer of the K-pop act started his hiatus noting that he had started to experience anxiety which he didn’t have before. A statement from his company read, “He discussed his symptoms with the agency and went to the hospital to get tested and diagnosed. As a result, the doctor recommended that he needed to get plenty of rest and stability.”

In an updated statement, KQ Entertainment wrote, “First of all, we would like to thank ATINY for their continued love and interest in ATEEZ. We would like to inform you about Mingi’s recent condition and his participation in ATEEZ’s new album and activities.” The statement added, “Mingi has suspended his official activities since November and has been focusing on counseling and treatment, and he has been both receiving treatment and resting during this time.”


It continued “With the treatment, he is returning to the psychological stability that he was at prior to his hiatus. As a result, we have been in discussions with Mingi, his parents and counselors ahead of ATEEZ’s comeback, and we have all agreed there has been a lot of progress made through the counseling treatment.”

KQ Entertainment also noted, “However, we also came to the conclusion that Mingi should continue to focus on recovery, as everyone agreed that Mingi making his return when he is not fully recovered could cause future concerns for not just Mingi, but all of the ATEEZ members. So please understand that ATEEZ will continue to promote with seven members instead of eight.”

Mingi will continue his hiatus to focus more on recovery (ATEEZ Instagram)

As most of the songs were recorded before the rapper’s hiatus, he has been able to participate in the album and fans can cherish his presence through the upcoming project, the statement concluded.

Fan reactions

Atinys are pouring their support for the K-pop star assuring that the fans will wait for him no matter how long it takes. A fan said, “I’m glad you’re doing better my love but as always we will wait for you no matter what so take your time gigi i love you so much &&’ take care @ATEEZofficial!”

Another wrote, “KQ Entertainment just got my ful respect. Boys are more important that any promotion. Don't worry Atiny, your boy will be back even more greater then before. He need little bit more time for himself now bt he will be ok. He is strong just like his voice!” Another user commented, “im glad they're still continuing the hiatus and not rushing his return. OTHER COMPANIES NEED TO TAKE NOTES!”






Ateez’s comeback

Ateez has recently announced their recent comeback with a mysterious photo titled ‘FROM THE NEW WORLD’ and the album will supposedly drop later in March. The K-pop act had their last comeback in July 2020 with ‘Zero: Fever Part 1” and recently, the group received their first Bonsang in Seoul Music Awards


Stay tuned for their more comeback updates. Stream their music here


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